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    Monday, October 18, 2010

    BoA to foreclose on sub-prime paper

    Bank of America Plans to Revive Foreclosures on 102,000 Homes; Shares Gain.

    The US tax payer bailed out BOA from criminal
    Sub-Prime paper debacle.
    They sold "D" grade paper with a "AAA" 
    rating, FRAUD.

    Federal Reserve gave them Trillions of USD.

    Now AGAIN the Criminal Wall St Banks profit
    from their criminal activities. 

    Wall St Banks GREED know NO bounds.

    Still waiting for FBI investigation into the 
    Sub prime paper criminal fraud.

    Congress continues to protect criminal 
    Wall St Banks.

    Congress bought and paid for by
    Wall St bnks.

    Series 3 and 7



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