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    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    Iran's secret Nuke

    Iran's pursuit of nukes remains one of the big concerns world wide.

    Some have said the world just needs to accept that Iran will get a Nuke.
    Others think Iran will be attacked before it can test a Nuke.

    Ahmadinejad policy so far has to pursue a nuke at any cost,
    to bare any burden and subject the Iranian civilians to sanctions
    world wide. 

    He has shifted the Iranian government from dual Mullah and
    elected representives to an oligarchy, consisting of him 
    and the Iranian Republican Guard.

    He is engaging in proxy wars and supporting terrorist in Syira,
    Palestine, Afghan and Pakistan.

    I have read many times about a Fatwa the Iranian regime has
    issued against Nuclear weapons, and this has been used 
    to represent Iran is only working on peaceful uses for the
    Nuclear reactor. THERE IS NO SUCH FATWA.
    Look it up.
    Islam even has a term for this kind of lying, 
    the act of Al-taqiyya or lying to

    Ahmadinejad has publicly promised to destroy
    Israel, Hes has said what his plan is and what he
    is going to do.
    And I've listened to those who argue that
    MAD mutually destroyed destruction,
    will protect the world from Iran's nukes.

    But Ahmadinejad is a member of the 13th
    Imam sect, who believes in the end of the
    world scenario will bring on the 13th
    Imam and a new Caliphate ruling the world.

    MAD is not a deterrent  for Ahmadinejad
    but more of an incentive to use a nuke.
    As a nuclear war would bring on the 13
    Imam and a new Golden age for Shiites
    And I've seen the paradigm for a Missile
    shield for the Middle East to protect them
    from Iranian nuclear missiles.
    Of course it doesn't work against a Nbomb
    in a cargo container, on a ship off the coast
    or one smuggled in to one of the underground 

    What will change Iran from its course
    to a nuclear power?

    War, or a regime change in Iran and
    a return to the dual governance of the
    elected and the Mullahs.

    The Green movement seems to have
    lost heart and are only going through
    the motions. The regime has successfully
    beaten them down.

    In the mean time the world is left with
    diplomacy which will only last as long
    as Iran's nuclear efforts can be sabotaged.
    The option of last resort War, a strike
    on Iran which will take out nuclear weapons
    development centers and the Leadership,
    a decapitation, in attempt to change the 
    regimes course.

    We have seen the effects of very harsh sanctions
    on N. Korea, Iran's regime will also endure any hardship
    to develop nukes. Neither nation is concerned about
    the civilians and both have the civilians under a full

    Timing is problematic, if they test a nuke
    before the attack, then the world is faced
    with a rogue nuclear state.

    The question becomes how good is the
    nuclear Intelligence on Iran.




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