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    Monday, August 09, 2010

    Wikileaks supporting Terrorist.

    Wikileaks supporting Terrorist.

    Wikileaks has posted an insurance file.
    wikileaks tacitly admits criminal activity.

    The "insurance file " is pass word protected.
    And the assumption is it contains copy of
    the US Military stolen classified reports.
    All 90,000 un redacted.
    If Ass-strange is arrested wikileaks will release
    the password and there by the info for the Taliban
    to kill many Afghans working with the US government
    to rid their country of the Taliban terrorists.
    There-by assisting the Taliban in the murder of Afghans
    trying to rid their country of the Taliban Terrorists.

    A criminal attempt to blackmail US Military
    to avoid prosecution for helping the Taliban
    kill Afghan patriots and US troops.

    And expose info that may put American troops at risk.

    Wikileaks have shown their true criminal colors.

    If the file's password is released that will
    then add 10 to 20 years for each death from the release
    of the classified info to Ass-stranges sentence.

    By posting the Insurance file wikileaks has
    admitted to an on going criminal conspiracy
    to disseminate stolen classified Intelligence
    there by aiding and supporting terrorist.

     Wikileaks has now indicated they must have $700,000
    to sanitize the rest of the US stolen classified reports.
    A blatant attempt to blackmail US.

    Ass-strange needs to be exorcised in the strongest

    possible method for aid and support to the Terrorist.
    And held responsible for any deaths resulting from his
    irresponsible release of the stolen classified


    And actions taken against the entire wikileaks operation,
    and donors to wikileaks now that they have been exposed.

    Donors to wikileaks could be found guilty of contributing

    to financing a terrorist related organization.

    Just another Tokyo Rose. Traitor, enabling the terrorist.

    US Military to kick wikileaks in the Nutz HARD.

    Ass-strange just keeps on making the criminal offense
    more and more serious, and clears up any doubt about
    wikileaks criminal motivations.

    Expect Afghan special forces hunting Ass-strange now
    as enemy of the State.

    FBI on a world wide man hunt, the show down
    won't be pretty.
    Prison for the rest of Ass-stranges life?
    If he is lucky.


    The RIAA laws may have some impact here also.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    At this point, it is only a matter of time before someone breaks the pw and the information is out, regardless of paying off Wikileaks.

    Do you know how hard it would be to break the pw?

    Any info on what type of legal action we could take against this guy? I don't think Australia would turn him over to us.

    4:38 PM  

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