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    Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Taliban secret wounded, part II

    More on the Taliban secret wounded, part II:
    Part I here:

    Developed from our Paradigm Intel.

    The rate of suicide, once unthinkable in this Islamic society, has gone up 26-fold, from .5 per 100,000 before the insurgency to 13 per 100,000 now, which the Taliban promote as suicide bombers. Taking advantage of the mentally handicapped and depressed followers.
    Drug abuse is epidemic. Depression, stress and mental illness are rampant.

    The conflict has created two lost generations, the teenagers of 1989 who saw their childhoods collapse into civil war, and the teenagers of today who never had a childhood at all.

    About 19 percent suffer from depression, said Dr. xxxxxxxx, a psychiatrist who has done extensive studies on trauma . Nearly 16 percent have post-traumatic stress disorder.

    Nearly a 100 per cent increase in Taliban psychiatric disorders.
    Most said they were nervous, tense or worried, were easily frightened and suffered from trembling hands. Nearly half had trouble sleeping and cried more than usual.

    Drug abuse has become widespread. Taliban has a long history of opium and marijuana use in cultural practices. But now many are addicted to smoking heroin and hash, while others are taking codeine-laced cough syrup and prescription opiates from the rash of unregulated pharmacies that sell even morphine without a prescription. Teens regularly sniff glue, corrective liquid and even gasoline.

    The Taliban smoked hash and drank cough syrup to deal with the pressure.
    "Whenever I took the heroin, I never felt my wounds," he said. "I felt tremendous solace."

    There is a high rate of brain injuries among the Taliban, comatose patients from
    drone and artillery strikes, near hits. The Taliban don't have a health care plan.
    Taliban Treatment for psychiatric disorders includes whipping and beatings.
    Comatose are shipped back to families of left to die.

    The Taliban have left a wide and deep swath of crippled insurgent bodies
    across Afghan, the age of fighters has dropped from mid 20's a few years
    ago to mid teens now.



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