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    Friday, August 06, 2010

    Spank or Kill

    Spank or Kill

    Ban paddling but OK to execute.

    Congresswoman wants to ban paddling.
    Its legal in 22 states.
    There has been no study to see
    what effects paddling has had
    in the 22 states.

    Teenagers demeanor today
    is so gentile and well mannered.

    "F**K you."

    The tin hats argue that
    corporal punishment imbues
    violence in children.

    I argue the opposite,
    it imbues respect.

    My generation understood
    physical punishment, Dad
    used the belt, the nuns
    use a ruler.

    While I don't support
    the use of a belt, I
    had an understanding
    of consequences for
    my actions.

    Today there is no consequences
    for kids actions till they
    reach the age of majority
    and are jailed.

    Only Gangs exercise
    any control over the
    kids and that thru
    corporal punishment
    beat ins.

    The gangs have a better
    understanding of child psychology
    and what it takes to control them
    than Congress, while I'm not
    supporting Beat ins, as a method
    of corporal punishment for some
    kids exceptions could be made.

    The lack of corporal punishment
    leads to violence, bullies
    and gang membership.

    Some kids view the Gangs
    as families. Which is sad.

    While the congresswoman
    decrys paddling they approve
    of execution of the very same
    children for capital crimes.

    That strikes me as a cultural
    Paddling NO
    Execution YES.

    There is a measured middle
    ground, where there
    is attached a consequences for
    teenagers actions, some thing
    less than a belt, before they
    get to the execution stage.

    The current paradigm sets
    up the kids for immoral
    punishment because
    they have had no responsibility
    attached to their actions,
    no corporal punishment,
    and when they do go around
    the bend, the Sate legally
    murders them.

    Tries them as adults and
    executes them.

    An uneasy American
    cultural sadistic tradition.

    Internet Anthropologist

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