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    Monday, August 16, 2010

    NO Mosque at World Trade Center.

    There is no doubt building a Mosque there is legal.
    Completely with in the Law.

    But I don't like it.
    A Muslim cult al Qaeda killed 3,000 Americans there.
    They espouse Muslim, Islamic sanctions for their
    actions. They validate their terrorism with the Quaran.
    And I know 99% of all Moslems are non violent.
    They call upon all Moslems to join them in killing

    They have launched an Info War using Islam
    as a cover, they are bastardizing Islam for
    Bin Ladens personality cult.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Bin Laden's "psychological ...
    And it feels to me Islam has not responded
    with a like Info War against this Islamic cult.

    And I may be more aware of the efforts many
    Muslims have taken in the background to fight
    the al Qaeda cult, Saudi Arabia has a big push
    against them on the WWW.

    And some Imams have spoken out against

    But I also feel many Muslims fear al Qaeda
    and remain silent, this is an error of omission,
    in action. And it feels cowardly.

    If Islam was waging an Info War against the Terrorist
    equivalent to the terrorist Info War, it would be
    easier for me to accept a Mosque at the site of
    the World Trade Center.

    How many of the worlds top Muslims are involved
    in even just an Info War against the al Qaeda cult?
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The top 50 Muslims in the World.

    Islam has the right to build a Mosque there,
    But do they have the wisdom not to build it now?

    Islam is not the Enemy,
    but they are not the solution either.
    And they should be.

    The wound is still to fresh.

    Internet Anthropologist



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