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    Friday, August 06, 2010

    Michael Hayden on track NSA

    Former NSA Director: Countries Spewing Cyber attacks Should Be Held Responsible.

    Not gonna work.G

    Retired General Michael Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency, said Thursday that one solution being discussed in government is to simply forget about trying to determine if the source of an attack is state-sponsored and hold nations responsible for malicious activity coming from their cyberspace. His words were greeted with applause from the audience of computer security professionals.


    Sounds good, why wouldn't  this work?

    Counter deployment: Iran sets up bots in
    Afghan to attack US, and US blames Afghan.


    I set up bots in every country ( confliker ) in the world
    and attack US, cutting off all the rest of the
    countrys effectively cuts US off also.

    The individual bots where ever they are
    need to be attacked, and owners held
    responsible for cleaning up their PC's.
    There is an out of the box over the
    top solution to bring down the bot
    PCs en mass during an attack.

    This discourages bot masters
    from attacking US because they
    would loose all their bots,
    and wouldn't make any difference
    what country the bots were in.

    The USA has a significant number
    of botted, zombie PCs.
    Is the DOD going to close
    down US WWW if attacked
    by them?

    The presidential authority
    to shut down the WWW,
    as far as I can see is worthless.

    However the authority to shut
    down individual PC's doing a bot
    attack is Golden.

    And it looks like
    Retired General Michael Hayden
    just tacitly acknowledged
    Fort Meads ability to selectively
    cut off most of a countrys access to the
    WWW on demand.

    A very usefull tool in ones arsenal
    of weapons.

    Internet Anthropologist



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