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    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    How strong is the US economy?

    How strong is the US economy?

    It feels like its limping a little lately.
    But look whats its been through.
    The worlds biggest investment swindle ,
    Wall St Banks sub-prime paper scam,
    caused damages in the Trillions,
    US had to bail the Wall Street Banks
    out of their swindle to the tune of 
    3 times the cost of a health program
    Banks got $3 trillion, in one year.
    Health care for all Americans $800 million
    over 10 years.

    The Wall St Banks caused the collapse of
    the housing market loosing 10 to 20 % of 
    Americans their homes, and caused 
    unemployment rates of 8 to 10%.

    The US was running TWO wars,
    Iraq and one in Afpak.

    I'd say the US economy got hit pretty
    hard on many fronts, major economic 
    strains and it held up.

    Baring more criminal fraud by the Wall
    St Banks, it looks like its healing slowly.

    It took very hard hammer blows that would
    have crushed any other economy, and is
    growing its way out, I'd say its the strongest 
    economy in the world still.

    The US certainly hasn't learned its lesson
    regarding the Wall St Banks, and US will
    get blindsided again by them.

    This time it will be a stock market crash which
    will be untraceable, AGAIN.

    The Wall St banks know no bounds of Greed.
    They came close to bringing down the worlds
    banking system and nothing has changed.
    They got away with it.
    As long as they make a good profit they would
    have no compunction about crashing the worlds
    stock markets either.

    US will be hit by another major debacle.
    Date unknown.
    Wall St Banks were rewarded for nearly 
    bringing down the World Banking System.

    The US economy is a Giant of strength.
    However Congress is without any intestinal fortitude ( Guts )
    and have been bought by the Wall St Banks.
    And it's the SHAME of every American.
    Americans will be speaking very bluntly in the elections.

    Internet Anthropologist
    Series 3 and 7
    Gerald on the floor of the NYSE



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