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    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    False Taliban Graphics/charts

    Mis-leading data.
    I've seen this presented before as Taliban breakout,
    it isn't or rather may no be that but simply more detailed
    reporting or more US troops to make more reports.

    The graphic is a representation of report locations.
    If there had been only one trooper in Afghan the number
    of reports would have been much smaller.

    More troops equals more reports, not necessarily
    more Taliban activity nor even the growth of taliban
    attacks, These graphs are inconclusive in that regard,
    they indicate a report was written about that location.
    Better more reports and intelligence  or more attacks,
    we can't know from his graphic.

    30,000 American troops in recent surge could be
    cause of more reports and covering more areas.


    Visualisation of Activity in Afghanistan using the Wikileaks data from Mike Dewar on Vimeo.



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