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    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    EXCLUSIVE:We know where Bin Laden is.

    Paradigm Intel FLASH. EXCLUSIVE

    We know where Bin Laden is.

    Or at least where his head is at,
    in Western speak where his mind is,
    what he is thinking.

    After 10 years of fighting and looking
    over his shoulder, on the run day and night,
    the deaths of many of his closest friends,
    the continual destruction of his cult cadre
    and al Qaeda's failure on all fronts,
    Bin Laden has abandoned al Qaeda.

    He realizes al Qaeda killed women, children
    bombed Mosques and market places, and
    sent hundreds of Muslims to Satan as
    suicide bombers.

    Allah knows all, Bin Laden is trying to
    hide from Allah, and has deserted
    Satans army al  Qaeda. 

    Yes he has deserted his base, no videos,
    no recordings, no letters no communication 
    with any body.

    He has just given up and gone into hiding,
    from al Qaeda even. He has recognized
    al Qaeda has lost, failed even Islam has turned
    against him, and his own son denounced him.

    al Qaeda has FAILED, LOST AND BIN

    The remnants of al Qaeda are held together
    by a skeleton crew flogging the dead body
    of al Qaeda, trying to convince the world
    they are not a failure.

    Bin Laden knows al Qaeda is failed,
    when will the rest of the losers realize this?

    When a drone knocks on their door?

    Bin Laden has DESERTED al Qaeda.




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