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    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey for military spouses.

    Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey for military spouses.?

    Coming Soon to a Mailbox Near You: Don't Ask Don't Tell Survey for military spouses. This month, military spouses will receive a DADT survey that looks like this. Please take the survey and return it; your participation is vital.


    Jeff Rothal What am I missing? Why survey spouses? It's not like serving with someone who is gay is going to turn anyone from straight to gay. ( they may drink out of the same cup, is it contagious? G )

    Larry Tomes I don't care if you are #1 or #2. The main question is did you graduate from Basic and AIT, and are you willing to stand by me in combat? Who gives a crap about who your fiance is? 

    Heather Clouse 
    The funny thing about DADT is that beinggay in the military sint illegal, letting people know you are, is. So it's aheebie geebie issue, which doesn't make our militray look good at all. I find it heartbreaking to read about men who served 

    Brenda Vianna I think Sec. Gates needs to be informed of this gross waste of money. Instead of closing JFCOM and messing with the Reserve Component maybe they should cut this sort of waste.



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