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    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    Shura for Reducing Civilian casualties.

    Nad-e Ali Super ShuraImage by isafmedia via Flickr
    Shura for Reducing Civilian casualties.

    “More than 90 representatives from all regions of Afghanistan, the Afghan National Army, Afghan National Police participated in the COIN shura, the first of its kind hosted by the ISAF Joint Command (IJC).
    “We want to ensure that we are doing everything we can to reduce civilian casualties,” said U.S. Marine Col. Bradley Weisz, deputy chief of IJC Current Operations and shura coordinator. “We need to change the mindset of our troops to the COIN approach of ‘protecting the people,’ and the best way to do that is by sharing best practices and improving overall COIN awareness.”
    In a poll of 550 tribal area residents last year, 58 percent said drone attacks did not foster anti-American sentiment. Fifty-two percent said the strikes were accurate, and 60 percent said they damaged insurgents.
    In some tribal areas that have not been targeted, residents have requested drone attacks against local militants, said Samina Ahmed,

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