Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Mullen confused. Nuclear Iran;Yes/No

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    Sunday, April 18, 2010

    Mullen confused. Nuclear Iran;Yes/No

    Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen told a forum at Columbia University.

    “Iran getting a nuclear weapon would be incredibly destabilizing. Attacking them would also create the same kind of outcome,” Mullen said. “In an area that’s so unstable right now, we just don’t need more of that.”

    Mullen added. “If there was an easy answer, we would’ve picked it off the shelf.”

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    Geeze I think there is an easy answer.

    Do you want to deal with a Nuclear armed Iran
    A NON- Nuclear armed Iran?

    Where is the confusion?
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Iran attack do-able

    Internet Anthropologist



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