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    Monday, April 19, 2010

    Iran's suicide NUKE

    "I have a deep personal commitment to Israel," she said. "And so does President Obama. Our nation will not waver in protecting Israel’s security and promoting Israel’s future. That is why pursuing peace and recognized borders for Israel is one of our top priorities."
    By omitting "defensible borders" from her message, she spoke for the first USadministration to abdicate its guarantee of defensible borders as a fundamental component of Israel's security, thereby nullifying her and the US president's pledge not to "waver in protecting Israel's security."

    "defensible borders" NO such thing.
    Drive a truck, cargo ship, shipping container, camels
    near Israel's border and set off a nuke without 
    even moving onto Israelis land, and just
    let the radioactive cloud do its job.

    The current Iranian regime getting a nuke
    is totally unacceptable 

    In Iran there is a risk of State suicide,
    the 13th Imam thing.



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