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    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    "What elephant herd officer?"


    "What elephant herd officer?"
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Recent cyber hacks have resulted in the biggest
    thefts of data in history, Over 100 TERABYTES.

    Sate sponsored Industrial espionage faces the law of unintended consequences.

    Hackers stole 12 terabytes, 12 terabytes of data has been downloaded

    in 2007 from the State Dept, DOD, Dept of Commerce, Dept of Energy, NSA , etc
    Its like breaking in and stealing all the books in the Library of Congress.
    There is actually 142 million books at the Library of Congress.
    Now hold that thought. 12 terabytes equals about 142,000,000


    Most recently Google and 34 other big Corps were hacked,
    There is some evidence to indicate these back doors may
    have been long term.
    And lets just assume all the tops secret proprietary programs
    and cutting edge technology was stolen.

    So now you the hacker has all this cutting edge information and
    From Google, Microsoft, Intel, all the oil Companies,  AdobeSymantecYahoo and Dow Chemical.
    And the other US top corporations , you have everything.
    By our estimate over 100 terabytes, equal to 
    1 billion 400 million books of information?

    How do you exploit it?
    To be sure its perishable, time limited.
    And of used only to top experts in their fields.
    If your the RBN and Russia working together 
    you may try and sell it, but the CIA and NSA will 
    pick up on it.
    If your China do you just hand it out to your top
    corporations? And hope they don't notice
    it's stolen from US Corps.
    Hope they will keep quiet?
    And US Intel won't pick up on it.

    It was a suicide theft,
    Its a ticking time bomb.
    Who ever did this has all
    of USA Intel and every Major
    Corporation in USA on their ASS.
    And while US Intel may be held in check
    by the US Government, don't be so 
    sure about US Corporations and
    their cyber forces and extra- Judaical
    Could the theft of this data jump start
    a State to advanced technological era?

    The data does contain some cyber bombs.
    worms, back doors, ET call home packets
    and false data, bad data nasty stuff..

    And the Economic sanctions against the 
    "perp" State should be huge and devastating.
    And should include isolation from the WWW
    for years.

    YES any one can rob banks, but this robbery is
    so immense they won't be able to hide it.

    USA just needs to keep its eyes and ears open
    and decide on the penalties for the hacker State.

    Maybe Death warrants for the actual hackers.
    CIA could handle that.

    What were they thinking?
    What are they going to do with it.
    And there maybe a paradigm in here
    for handling State violations of the WWW.

    "What elephant herd officer?"

    Internet Anthropologist, ad Magnum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst
    backgrounders: ( must reads, G )
    When you get some of this data, contact me in SECRET:

    BIG REWARD....

    If your company receives and uses this data you will be targeted.



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