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    Sunday, February 21, 2010

    Cyber Shockwave Game

    Cyber Shockwave; Simulation
    on CNN, Great program/show.

    Well done, realistic.
    But they don't have an hour to 
    decide what to tell the President,

    In an hour everything could be down.
    No emergency broadcasting station,
    no cable, no cell or land line phones.
    In an hour there maybe no way for him
    to talk to the public other than shortwave
    and CB radio.

    The Government switched all TV to
    digital, including the Emergency
    Broadcasting System. If the net
    goes so does EBS.

    I think any act of war would
    enable the 'war powers act'.

    Whether its domestic or State

    Focus on act rather than motive.

    Maybe even have a Internet
    Holiday, where for one day
    the Internet goes down?
    Gov.turns it off.
    See what goes down, and if
    the Government can even 

    Maybe for 5 min.
    As a test.???
    Even that might prove
    Can we live 5 min.without
    the Internet?
    Will it restart?
    How long to bring it all
    back up?

    This could be a WMD.
    And you don't take an hour
    in a WMD attack to decide
    what to tell the President,
    or WHAT TO DO.

    If nukes were launched
    at the USA would they
    take an hour to talk about

    Reactions should be
    equal, almost instant
    in any WMD attack.

    Again USA waits for 
    the actual Cyber Pearl Harbor 
    attack to do the planning?

    The show seemed to show 
    the lack of planning,
    or action programs when it
    does come. and its when,
    not if.

    They didn't know what to
    do. And seemed uncertain about
    where to start.

    Bipartisanship not certain.

    If all the power stations went down,
    how long would it take to bring
    them back up and hook back

    How would any of this happen
    if all communications are down.

    Can the Military set up a Nation 
    wide communications net?
    Without using the WWW?
    How long would that take?

    If electronic funds transfer is
    turned off how will business make
    Business will grind to a halt.

    In reality about half way through
    the show everything would have 
    gone dead. And you might be
    setting in a home without
    any power or communication,
    no cable, candles and flashlights,
    no heat. All food cold.

    Have to have a wood or charcoal
    fire for coffee.

    Run on gas stations, food stores
    and banks.

    They had some expectation the
    attack would be over in 3 days?
    And I question their ability to track
    the attackers, they haven't had
    much luck with Cornfliker,
    and they have been at that for
    a year?
    And the best minds they have?

    There are methods to turn off bot attacks
    And I think I've seen paradigm Intel
    it is in place.
    But the other planning should still be
    done on a contingency basis.

    On the other hand USA has the top
    Black hats in the world and their

    Can I play?

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    How to deploy a Cyber Over Watch, COW for critical systems.

    Don't have a COW man, you can build one....




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