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    Saturday, February 20, 2010

    Haiti is like Afghan

    Haiti is Afghanistan ...

    Haiti is the same paradigm as Afghanistan
    in relationship to developing the SysAdmin

    Connecting the Gap to the core.

    In Afghanistan SysAdmin includes
    an insurgency.
    Haiti is SysAdmin without
    the violence.

    Of course there is a quantity
    difference but both are the same
    SysAdmin problem.

    Kinda like a practice Green.
    Place to work out the basics.
    And add a security wall
    after the "basics " SysAdmin paradigm
    is functioning, to equate Haiti to Afghanistan.

    Peas of the same pod.


    Follow up:

    FEBRUARY 18, 2010

    Haiti shows our SysAdmin need

    OP-ED: Haiti Lessons: A Search and Rescue Corps ... , By MATT KLAPPER and JAMES J. RILEY, New York Times, February 13, 2010
    OP-ED: ... And One for Doctors, Too, By VANESSA BRADFORD KERRY,New York Times, February 13, 2010
    Another chunk of the SysAdmin force/function proposed as a result of Haiti
    The gist:
    THE United States should create a service corps of doctors, nurses and medical technicians to deploy to humanitarian disasters like the one that struck Haiti last month.
    Members of this corps would also be available to countries where violence, neglect and poverty are breeding extremism. History has shown that there is a significant correlation between adequate health care and a country's stability and security. It is no coincidence that terrorism often thrives in places that lack basic services like education, clean water and rudimentary medical care.
    The program would be modeled on the Peace Corps, with the added incentives of loan forgiveness and scholarships in exchange for a committed period of service.
    Of course, it is described as a "force multiplier" in the struggle against terror/instability/etc. True enough.
    The call comes alongside another one for a search & rescue corps.



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