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    Tuesday, February 09, 2010

    Iran's PUNCH, not much.

    Iran's PUNCH, not much.

     "The Iranian nation with its unity and God's grace will punch the arrogance [of Western powers] on the 22nd of Bahman (Feb. 11) in a way that will leave them stunned!"

    According to Kayhan writing in Persian, Khamenei said that the enemies of the Islamic Revolution and the instruments of imperialism and Zionism are unable to perceive the reasons for the endurance and spiritual power of the Islamic Revolution. He called for unity on the anniversary of the revolution and dismissed protesters as agents of the US, the UK and "Zionism." Defeating what he sees as a US-funded and instigated fifth column in his movement is what he meant by dealing the West a 'stunning blow.'

    I remember back when they were suppose to shock the world on August 22 and nothing ever came of it. Then 2 years ago on Feb 11th their shocking news was an herbal AIDS cure

    We don't expect it will be much of anything...
    The worst probable :
    Our Paradigm Intel suggest massive arrests of Greeners and their leaders.

    Checking with our sources in Iran.
    "This is no SURPRISE

    EVERYONE knows that have tried. Intel SEC and plain cloths ones..organised Ansar Allah Garrison a service of the crackdown in Tehran.
    Bringing in villagers who are not from the local area to beat up protesters..."



    Iran: activists arrested before expected protests
    DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran's top police official says authorities have made a series of arrests of suspected opposition activists before expected protest rallies Thursday.
    Gen. Ismail Ahmadi Moghaddam says people accused of planning demonstrations were among those arrested. But Moghaddam (Mo-GHA-dam) did not give any specific figures Wednesday on the number of arrests, according to the semiofficial Fars news agency.
    Iranian officials are vowing to crush any anti-government rallies Thursday that could mar state-backed celebrations for the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution. But opposition Web sites are appealing for a large turnout.
    At least eight people were killed in clashes during the last major anti-government marches in late December.

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