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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Iran STUNS, NOT

    Ayatollah Ali Khamenei:
    "The Iranian nation with its unity and God's grace will punch the arrogance [of Western powers] on the 22nd of Bahman (Feb. 11) in a way that will leave them stunned!"

     In open defiance of a UN ban. Iran notified IAEA on the 8th that they would be enriching ...

    1. Further to the Director General’s report of 8 February 2010 (GOV/INF/2010/1), the Agency
    received on 8 February 2010 a separate letter from Iran, dated 8 February 2010, informing the Agency
    that the operator of the Fuel Enrichment Plant (FEP) intended to transfer a small amount (about 10 kg)
    of low enriched uranium (LEU) produced at FEP from a large container into a smaller container for
    feeding into PFEP, and that these activities were to be performed on 9 February 2010. Iran requested
    that the Agency be present on the site on that date.
    2. In a letter dated 8 February 2010, the Agency sought clarification from Iran regarding the
    timetable for the production process (including the starting date and the expected duration of the
    campaign), along with other technical details. In light of Article 45 of Iran’s Safeguards Agreement,
    the Agency requested that no LEU be fed into the process at PFEP before the Agency was able to
    adjust its existing safeguards procedures at that facility.
    3. After the arrival of Agency inspectors at FEP on 9 February 2010, Iran transferred the LEU into
    the smaller container and moved the material from FEP to the feeding autoclave at PFEP. On
    10 February 2010, when the Agency inspectors arrived at PFEP, they were informed that Iran had
    begun to feed the LEU into one cascade at PFEP the previous evening for purposes of passivation.
    They were also told that it was expected that the facility would begin to produce up to 20% enriched
    UF6 within a few days. It should be noted that there is currently only one cascade installed in PFEP
    that is capable of enriching the LEU up to 20%.

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    Not much of a stun, important thing is they made prior
    notification, and are still working minimally within the rules,
    abet a two day notice and had IAEA personnel present.

    The amount they processed was needed for Medical needs,
    but puts them on the road eventual bomb making.

    Iran's bark is worse than its bite.

    Thanks for a tip from our friends inside the beltway.

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