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    Thursday, February 11, 2010

    Iran feb 11


    Ahmadinejad Has Just Announced Iran Has Produced 20% Uranium!

    Reports coming in now that people were shot at in Aryashahr in Tehran

    Live Persian radio: IS DOWN.
    IRIB and IRNA websites not loading

    Tor no longer working

    Chinese response: If TOR bridge has failed, try connect TOR bridge via http or socks proxy, need to add bridges

    Many  proxys failing.

    Crowds all over Tehran
    clashes in Sadeghieh sq

    Karoubi is in his 70's, car and his person was attacked. Basijis attacked Karoubi 
    Greens r out in Tehran,Tabriz, Shiraz, Esfahan 
    Most satellite TV, even "moderate" Persian channels, are being jammed
    TEHRAN WEATHER IS CLOUDY today, #iran regime showing blue sky on T videos ... r from PAST Not 2day 

    severe clashes in Vanak sq. & all arrested are transferred to a building owned by Tavanir in Brazil street

    Former President Khatami car has been attacked. plainclothes.  

    Granddaughter of Imam Khomeini arrested along with President khatami's Brother and  Karroubi's son

    MohammadReza Khatami and his wife arrested

    Death to the Dictator" heard from state media

    Interestingly, Ahmadinejad also attacked Russia in his speech


    0710 GMT: State media is featuring film of large pro-Government crowds moving along routes to Tehran University and Azadi Square. No footage, however, from Sadeghieh Square.
    0700 GMT: An EA correspondent, from reliable Tehran sources, reports heavy security presence in 7 Tir Square and Hafez Street, armed with batons but no visible firearms.
    0650 GMT: Web Issues. The websites of Islamic Republic News Agency, which was taken off-line yesterday, or Press TV are not loading.
    0645 GMT: Press TV is reporting President Ahmadinejad is at Azadi Square.
    0640 GMT: There are reports of clashes at Sadeghieh Square, where Mehdi Karroubi was due to arrive about 10 minutes ago. These come from reliable Iranian activists, but we are treating with caution for the moment.
    0620 GMT: Reza Sayah of CNN, from a witness, reports “pick-up trucks with speakers roaming streets blaring pro-govt slogans and songs”.
    0610 GMT: The Green site Rah-e-Sabz is reporting extensive deployment of security forces, including detachments in Amirabad Street and around the state television complex. (EA correspondents note that this probably should be Karegar rather than Amirabad Street.)

     Per Resident Ahmadinejad Speech on 22 Bahman Feb 11 2010 

    Include related videos
    Abberjonnys speech in englsih:

    POST CLOSED AT 3:45 AM est



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