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    Monday, February 22, 2010

    Don't have a COW man., Cyber Over Watch

    Don't have a COW man.

    Cyber Over Watch.

    We will show you how to develop one,

    Our vision of COWs is an independent interlocking 
    self monitoring units, with penetration triggers and
    band width alarms.

    But just what is a COW.

    A centralized Bios reader
    tracking your chips health.

    This is a view into the Over watch functions,
    for supporting a company ( civilians )
    or a network.

    Much like an Air Force over watch during a Military operation.

    Cyber over watch looks over the PCs chips etc.
    The heart is a black box that makes calls if
    Bois responses are not with in given tolerances.
    Its a trip wire of sorts.
    Currently the paradigm runs something
    like every thing is running fine or someone
    would be calling and complaining.

    Their function is to sense the pulse of all PCs
    and associated electronics.

    The basic pulse function is an encrypted  bios inquiry.
    Is everyones pc or chip set responding, very similar to
    responders in air craft.

    Any one off line? Any system off line? any response
    slow or lagging? Measuring the level of Bandwidth

    A large drop in band withs speed may be the first indicator
    of a cyber attack, dos attack etc.

    The primary function of the Cyber over watch is cyber medical.
    All the pulse monitoring is done in the background,
    and users are unaware of the checks.

    Overwatch is looking for signs of any attack.
    and moves to place over watch offensive teams
    with cyber side arms, in place or  positions against any threat.
    With standing orders for engagement.
    IF XYZ  happens then the response is 
    GHJ, no need to get permission.

    The COW teams have a myriad of responses at their disposal 
    and contacts up stream for backup.
    Their primary offensive capability is the ability to take 
    the threat off line or block it, reroute it or close it off.

    From an individual PC to network, or a WWW hub if necessary.
    The key is fast discovery, and leading warnings up stream
    automatically  generated to try and stay ahead of the attack,
    reinforcing the next dam, and the next etc.
    From the small power company all the way up to NSA and DHS.

    COWs should cause information waves ahead of the next attack
    and generate automatic responses and back up forces.

    Even into other countries. 

    Don't have a COW man., Cyber Over Watch,
    GET ONE.

    Tactical Internet Systems analyst.

    COWs SAVE THE link above
    In some cases its just the external monitoring of a web sites performance, G
    Addendum: COWs can be something as simple as tracking BIOS, is 'it' on the
    web? if its goes off the WWW its reported to IT, and the reporting is automated
    UPSTREAM, to central location, and any given time ONE could see whats down,
    where and who, if an area or even industry is domino-ing  Down, crashing.
    Currently "WE" wait for reports to come in, somebody to report attacks.
    With COWs, its automated, real time and non-intrusive.
    Currently "WE" wait for the system to crash big time. before
    "WE" hear about it, System could be down around the
    NATIONAL KNEES, before "They" hear about the problem.
    And too late to respond effectively. Flying BLIND.

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