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    Thursday, January 28, 2010

    US Banks Remorseful

    The banks continue as a criminal enterprise.

    Are the banks remorseful?
    Are they sorry for almost bring down world wide banking?
    Have they seen the error of their ways?
    Regret their blind ignorant Greed? 

    NO ,no , no and NO.

    Time to name names.

    They ran the biggest stock market scam in history
    and are still getting away with it.

    Why did they do it?

    They made loans to people they knew wouldn't
    be able to make payments.

    The sub-prime paper, is a "C" or "D" credit grade paper.

    Repackaged the sub-prime paper in tranches,
    Got Moodys to regrade the "D" credit grade paper
    as AAA grade bonds.

    And hedge funds used this in diratives, and sold
    paper they bought at "D" grade prices and resold
    as AAA grade paper.

    But why?
    The hedge funds are unregulated.

    One of these hedge fund managers was being
    questioned by Congress, and admitted to a income
    of over 5 Billion USD a YEAR.
    And was only paying 15% tax rate.
    YOU and I pay around 28% tax rate.

    And the hedge fund manager wanted to know
    why he was being picked on by Congress,
    why HIM, as he was only the 53 highest paid
    Hedge fund manager.
    He was making $1 one million, 300 thousand 
    AN HOUR.

    And he is only # 53.

    The Banks were packaging this garabage
    taking a big cut of the top and selling
    it as AAA grade paper, transferring the risk to
    the unknowing buyers.  

    The world wide buyers were trusting in the
    American credit grading companies reputation
    to provide true and real credit analysis and 
    grading of this toxic paper.

    When these toxic paper went bad, people quit paying
    monthly, the sub-prime paper effectively became
    stripped Zero coupon bonds, and the values functioned

    Now the criminals that put this together, were just
    shoveling this toxic paper into the banks as fast as possible.
    Huge profits and pushing it out the back door to unsuspecting
    investors, the banks got caught with huge inventories of this
    crap, and are now carring it at 100% of face value instead of
    the more probble 30% of actual value.

    Now keep in mind there is no central leadership for these
    greedy bastards, they run the Federal Reserve Corporation.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Federal Reserve is Suspect:

    USA gave them $3 TRILLION DOLLARS to bail them out
    of their criminal mess.

    And the Banks are fighting to keep these criminals and 
    paid them $120 billion dollars in bonuses from the bail out

    The Banks are afraid of loosing these criminals, and are fighting
    tooth and nail to keep them and pay them huge bonuses for  
    the crimes.

    Currently the banks can barrow unlimited funds from the Federal
    Reserve Corporation at about 1/2 a percent loan.

    While the banks charge 30% on credit cards and 460% interest
    on payday loans, They are loansharking on Federal Reserve
    Corp. loans of .5 % interest rates.

    The banks have bought Congress and done away with banking
    regulation, making their criminal loansharking legal,
    and on the back end blocked share holders from regulating
    pay and bonuses for the Banking Criminals.

    I'm calling for a minimum interest rate for the loans the Taxpayers
    were forced to give the banks of 30%, in reconigition of the risks
    involved in dealing with criminals. 
    And a rate of 460% on monies paid for payday loans to these criminals
    and on their bonuses.

    The people of USA have lost control of congress, the banks
    and their lobbyist control congress, and I'm hoping USA's 
    creditors can help reign in Congress and the Banks,
    China and Russia I'm calling on you to pressure congress to
    regulate these criminal banks.

    The US Supreme Court stepped on its own D**k ruling
    these corporations have first amendment rights.

    Corps have no soul to condemn, no body to punish.
    And these Banking Corps represent a bigger theat
    to the USA than the Terrorist do.

    Nothing has changed on the regulation front
    regarding Banks, Glass Segal has not been reinstated,
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Phil Gramm, Jim Leach = depression
    their loansharking continues, and the Criminals responsible
    have not been jailed but paid Billions in bonuses.
    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Banks never KISS ME.

    The Greed is so monumental they were willing to 
    risk bringing down the worlds banking system for
    criminal profits, engaging in fraud on a massive scale.

    And they continue employing the same criminals
    one of the banks just paid their CEO a 5000%
    bonus, Five Thousand % bonus.

    Currently the banking mafia is untouchable
    due to deregulation, they have bought congressmen
    and made crimes legal, 460% vig on loans.

    And they are getting the Federal Government to
    buy up the bad toxic sub-prime they hold
    at 100 % face, when actual value is only 30%
    on the dollar.

    This period of history will go down as the Biggest
    Banking fraud era ever.

    Series 7 and 3.




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