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    Monday, January 04, 2010

    7 CIA killed, Backgrounder

    From a source we have found reliable in the past:

    CIA base was our primary UAV targeting base, central clearinghouse of informant reports.  Attacker was a familiar, well connected to the Haqqani's and a legit HV asset.  The station chief trusted him and personally escorted him in.  Just a fatal error in judgement.

    The informant had been on the base many times and was being personally escorted by the CIA base station chief.  The informant was a double-agent and had been feeding legit targeting to CIA for over a year.  The Haqqani's are that ... ruthless, they sacrificed their people to Hellfire strikes, in order to vet the informant......

    After getting such deep cover, the informant indicated that he was ready to give up AQ hvt's, including bin Laden, and the whole Haqqani network.  ...........  By doing so, the informant was able to draw in more than just his handler for a meeting where he was going to lay out all he knew.

    So, some of the intel team assembled, including a Jordanian intel officer, and the informant, led past security by the station chief, wearing an Afghan army officer uniform, detonated a bomb in their midst.  He killed some of our most experienced in-country intel team.   


    Luckily some key team members were late and they will be able to pick back
    up right where the other 7 left off.

    Pay backs are a Bitch.
    The operation resulted in minimal results
    and maximum consequences.

    The Taliban's stupidity always amazes me.
    Just when I think they CAN'T get any more
    stupid, they F**k up an Anvil.

    Gerald; SALUTE

    Taliban's death wish, 

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    The Jordanian suicide bomber that killed the CIA agents was a moderator and member of the al-Hesbah forum.

    6:38 AM  

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