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    Sunday, December 20, 2009

    OBL Bio. updated, 12.19.09

    From our source inside the beltway.

    This is the most up to date bio on UBL,  Wikipedia needs updating.


    UBL’s grandfather was Awad bin Laden from Tarim, Yemen, a Hadhrami.  Died 1919. 

    UBL's father, Mohammed bin Laden (1908 – 09/03/67), arrived in Latakia, Syria, 1956, on business.  He may have married A'alia Ghanem (born 1934, Shia Alawite tribe, 2 brothers, 1 sister) as his 10th of 22 wives.  They had one son, Osama (UBL), born Riyadh, KSA, 03/10/57.  

    UBL was Mohammed’s 17th of 24 sons and 31 daughters.  
    UBL and his mother moved to Medina 6 months later and continued to live together in the Hejaz area of western KSA until she remarried.  
    Then UBL lived in his father’s palace.
    UBL has stated that it was "not a Koranic union", that A'alia was only Mohammed’s maid and concubine and that they were never married (she was referred to by the other wives as “the slave”).  

    Note: UBL and his father never had more than four wives at once, in line with Sharia law.  The others were divorced to make room in their harems for new wives, or were simply child-bearing concubines.

    At the age of 9, UBL became boyhood friends with the future King Fahd’s sons Crown Prince Abdul Rahman (currently 2nd in line for King) and Crown Prince Abdul Aziz. 

    A'alia (renamed Hamida) and UBL often spent summers in Latakia at her brother Naji’s home. 

    In 1967 UBL’s father died in an airplane crash and UBL inherited $300 million and moved in with his mother at her home in Tabuk for a few months until returning to Jedda to live with his uncle and siblings.  

    In 1968 UBL began to attend the elite prep school, Al Thagher Model School, Jedda (graduated 1976).  By 15, UBL was an increasingly committed schoolyard Islamic activist, a prominent member of a group led by a Syrian teacher influenced by the Muslim Brotherhood.  
    UBL was an adherent until the mid 1980’s. UBL moved back in with his mother in early 1973 after she permanently moved back to Jedda.

    At 17, busy attending to the family business and his studies, UBL stopped accompanying his mother on her yearly visits to Latakia, except in 1974 to marry his first cousin, 14-year-old Najwan Ibrahim Ghanem. (AKA Najwa, AKA Umm Abdullah).  The Ghanem’s never saw any of his wealth, his aunts and uncles still farm along the Syrian coast.
    UBL and wife lived with his mother and attended King Abdulaziz University from 1976 to 1979, uncertain graduation.  

    He did visit the US in 1978 for medical treatment for his son Abdullah.    
    Starting in 1979 UBL followed his college lecturer Abdullah Yusuf Azzam to Peshawar, Pakistan to assist the Afghan resistance to the Soviet invasion.   

    By 1984, with Azzam, bin Laden established Maktab al-Khadamat to funnel money and fighters to Afghanistan.  UBL brought his family to Peshawar and Kandahar from 1985 on and split with Maktab al-Khadamat in 1988 and established al Qaeda.  

    He returned to Jedda, KSA in 1989, a hero.  

    UBL and family were expelled by the KSA in April, 1991, moving to Afghanistan, then Khartoum, the Sudan from 1992 until 1996, where he set up legitimate businesses including a tannery, two large farms, and a major road construction company.

    By January 1994, UBL set up at least three terrorist training camps in North Sudan and paid for 480 Afghan vets to work with him.  On 04/09/94 the KSA revoked UBL’s citizenship and froze his assets.  

    In 1995 UBL established training bases in northern Yemen.  

    In May of 1996 UBL and family were expelled from the Sudan, moved back to Kandahar, Afghanistan where Najwa lived after splitting up with UBL in 2001.  

    On 08/23/96 UBL declares jihad on the US and KSA. 

    Wives and 21 offspring:
    UBL’s 11 children by Najwa: Abdullah (1976), Abdul Rahman (1978), Sa’ad (1979), Osman (1980), Omar (1981), Muhammad (1983), Fatima (1984), Ahmed, and 3 younger daughters. Najwa now lives in Damascus, Syria.

    Umm Hamza, born 1950, married UBL in 1982; they have a son Hamza, born in 1990.  She is from the Sabar family, Jedda, KSA.  She has a PhD in child psychology, and is a lecturer at King Abdulaziz University.
    Umm Khaled and UBL have a son Khaled and a daughter Kadija (1986) and two other daughters.  She has a doctorate degree, private tutor, lives in Medina, KSA.  She lived in Pakistan until 2002.  
    She is Afghan, the daughter of Mullah Omar.  This marriage helped cement the protection UBL gets from the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.  

    Umm Ali married UBL in Jedda, 2003; they have a son Ali (1988) and two daughters.   
    She divorced UBL in 1994 and lives in Mecca, KSA.
    Amal al-Sa’ada, born in 1983 at Sa’ad, Yemen, married UBL in 2000 (picked out by Najwa); they have a son and daughter.  
    The marriage was intended to boost recruitment in Yemen and create a safe place for UBL should he need to leave Pakistan.  Arrested and released in Yemen in 2002 after a gun battle at her father’s compound.


    Abdullah has not disowned his father, shuns publicity and works in the Saudi Binladin Group.  He also owns and operates Fame Advertising on Falasteen Street in Jedda, KSA.

    Abdul Rahman was born hydrocephalic ( Water on the Brain ) and is mildly retarded.  He lost his Saudi nationality and lives in Syria.

    Sa’ad bin Laden (born 1979) was named by UBL as heir to AQ (10/03).  He operated out of Iran (from 2002 until 07/06), Syria, and Pakistan (since 12/08), married a Yemeni (01/01).
    Osman married the daughter of a high-ranking member of al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya, a terrorist group dedicated to overthrowing the Egyptian government.

    Muhammad may also be the heir apparent to AQ.  Muhammad married daughter of Mohammed Atef 01/01 at Kandahar, Afghanistan.

    Fatima married a Saudi fighter at age 12, in 1996.  He died in the air attacks on Afghanistan on August 20, 1998.  She is remarried to Mullah Omar. This marriage helped cement the protection UBL gets from the Taliban in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Osama's son: "he is a mass murder"

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