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    Sunday, November 08, 2009

    USA subject to cyber rape and cyber death.

    USA subject to cyber rape and
    cyber death.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    These guys are worried and scared.
    IATT have been sending up flares about
    an Internet Pearl Harbor for years.

    We have not been posting the full
    paradigm as we saw it. ( Disclosure
    this still is not our reading of the
    full Intel Paradigm, G )

    we now feel free to make our

    Our paradigm Intel and BSU observations indicate
    USA's cyber hackers are second to none,
    USA leads the world in penetration technology.
    We may have even contributed to this capability
    in our Classified White paper / proposal to the
    USAF, with cutting edge, our of the box techniques
    and methods.

    The Internet is not safe, it is not secure, the big dogs
    USA, Russia ( RBN ), Chinese, and Israel do not want
    a cyber war, everyone would loose. Its like
    everyone has everyone by the Balls and NO
    ONE wants to be the first to squeeze, its gona
    hurt real bad for everyone.

    But a little larceny seems to be ok,
    And peeking at the other guys cards
    is tolerated.

    And the big dogs remember what
    happened when 3000 Americans died
    on 911, and 9 years later the conquence
    is still on going.

    The RBN and Putins Government mafia are profit
    motivated, and work together, Russia split profits,
    with the RBN and Russia gets a peek at all USA
    government, military and maybe Intelligence data bases.
    Except for ones not connected to the net.

    The US banking system gets raped regularly.
    For 10s even hundreds of million dollars yearly.
    And the FBI is real pissed about it.
    And steadily making head way.

    Centcom had a ghost in its machine for 3 days
    in November, the ghost sat there watching everything
    Centcom was doing for 3 days.
    Scarred the hell out of the hacker government,
    USA spends more on Defense than the rest of the
    world combined. And they sat there for 3 days
    just watching the internals of the most powerful
    military in history, alternating between dancing
    and wetting their pants.

    12 terabytes of data has been downloaded
    in 2007 from the State Dept, DOD, Dept of
    Commerce, Dept of Energy, NSA , etc.
    As a student I used to back up my Universitys computer
    systems, 7 terabytes, and that took 8 hours.
    8 hours of automated computers copying data at close
    to the speed of light.
    12 terabytes is about the size of the Library
    of Congress.

    ( And the USA doesn't know what Government did it.
    The answer to who the thief is, may lie in its size.
    How do you exploit a data base the size of the
    Library of Congress, as the data is hot and current
    processing in a timely manner is of utmost importance.
    What government has enough cleared/vetted troops
    that read English to try and exploit the data in a timely manner?
    Who had massive outlays of cash for IT in that
    time frame, or what government dumped a huge
    IT project , to focus on this data base around that
    time. Its going to take considerable resources to
    keep and use this Elephant. G )

    Even the Internet itself is at risk.

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: CYBERWARS's Pearl Harbour

    Aug 1, 2007
    80 to 90 % of the WWW can be downed on demand.

    The hackers are diligently working on the "Fed Wire".
    The economic and Monterey life line of the world.

    The attack in Brazil electrical system maybe a
    proof of concept exercise.

    The US banks have been being robbed currently
    at higher loss rates than in any time in history.
    $100,000,000 this year alone.

    Peeking at and stealing from USA's Military and
    intelligence communities.

    ID theft at all time highs.
    Every 8 seconds.

    Crashing the utility grid,
    erasing monetary data,
    turning off the Military net,
    Robbing the banks,
    Crashing the stock markets,
    And killing off 80% of the WWW
    Will have the effect of derailing Globalization.

    While none fo the current big dogs
    have any interest in doing the above
    there are Islamic terrorist movements that do.

    And our BSU's have seen an up tick in the
    interest of that capability.

    But their embed code isn't safe,
    and doesn't work, or when it does
    works poorly, and it leaks.
    So I won't embed their videos.
    But here is a safe link.
    A must view....

    What would this attack look like?

    Your electrical at home and work would go off.
    No heat, etc.
    The banks books wiped clean so to speak.
    NO internet connections,
    Cell phone, land lines and cable out.
    Military net down.
    Wall Street WWW and data bases down,
    Run on all the stores and markets.
    Change the Paradigm:

    There are things that can be done.

    Suggested Paradigms and
    Needed Cyber initiatives.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    #1) Awards for cyber security. A cyber DARPA.

    Like Government contracts for fighter Jets.
    The black hats are eating our lunch.
    $100 million award for a secure fire wall, anti-virus,
    anti-trojan and Rootkit program. Open competition.
    There is a lack of funding needed to get even
    one step ahead of bad guys on the Internet.

    #2) Change in Laws for customer monitoring credit.

    Experian suit against life lock demonstrates the faulty paradigm
    allowing ID hacking. Currently the Big three only allow customers 90 day
    monitoring of of their accounts, IF THEY HAVE A THREAT PENDING.
    The big three credit bureaus do not allow 365 day, email notice of
    credit changes and usages. The big three have it in their power
    to almost eliminate ID theft, and do virtually nothing to protect customers.

    #3) Creation of a Military Cyber Battalion. Offensive force.

    There is virtually no risk to attacking American networks.
    Create a cyber force with the ability to take attacking PC and
    networks OFF LINE, best defense is a good offense. Establixh "rules of engagement"

    #4) Defense structure for Internet Nodes.

    The WWW is at risk of a cyber Pearl Harbor.

    #5) International Cyber Police.

    A force to pursue cyber crooks anywhere in the world.
    This will involve treaty's.

    #6) Change in MS security policy:
    Allowing patching
    illegal OS. And law allowing them to shut down
    illegal OS's.Thru Cyber Police.
    MS current policys block security updates for
    illegal OS giving BOT farms a place to grow.
    Unpatched OS.

    #7) ISP check and enforce minimal security on
    customers or cut off www access.
    Again a favorite home of bots, unprotected
    8) Clean up Youtube
    from terrorist vids.

    #8) Valadation system for for security vendors and programs.

    The number of fake Security Programs/sites is huge, 300 to 400,
    the public can't tell which are safe.

    #9 method to change Social Security Number
    once the cyber criminals get it. To protect ID
    theft victims from continual theft over the rest of their
    lives. Once they have the SS# they have the keys to
    the victims credit.

    These would be a very good start to securing
    the WWW.

    Internet Anthropolomgist, ad Magum
    Tactical Internet Systems analyst




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