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    Tuesday, November 03, 2009

    Transformation, Afpak paradigm stuck.

    Transformation, Afpak paradigm stuck.

    Paradigm Intel.
    SOCOM is stuck, the Afpak paradigm is stuck,
    The Paradigm wheels just aren't getting Traction.

    The elements are in place, building the Miliatary
    Force , developing the SYSADMIN force.

    But the transformation isn't taking place.
    The War fighting component is caught in a
    "Catch 22" cycle.

    The more Taliban they kill the more join.
    The US Military has curtailed killing the
    enemy, the Taliban KIA could be 10X
    what it is now, the Military now .have that

    They have unmanned drones in Afpak,
    piloted by troops in Las Vegas, looking
    one person half a world away, to kill
    him with a missile. Time between spoting
    the target and killing him 8 min.

    The Military and CIA are targeting mostly
    the Taliban leadership and only 'attacking forces'.
    Those actively engaged in attacks on US troops.

    If the Taliban are at home, not engaged
    in attacking US Troops at the moment,
    USA doesn't kill them.

    The Paradigm indicates killing rank and file
    Taliban actually increases voluntary recruits.

    H. Clinton put her finger on the problem.
    Afpak does not understand what USA is
    doing in Afpak.

    The Taliban and al Qaeda spin US motives
    constantly, and in the worst directions.

    The Transition from War fighting forces to Peace
    keeping Troops isn't clearly defined,
    And the transition is stuck.

    The war fighting isn't over, and the Peace keeping
    civilians can't be brought in to connect the Country
    to the core, or build up the infrastructure until
    security is established.

    And currently it is believed the war fighting can't
    be completed until the infrastructure is built up.
    To help win the hearts and minds.
    And thats the Catch 22.

    The element/ monkey wrench in the system
    is the Info War failure.

    "We are not getting through". Clinton.

    The average Afpak doesn't GET it.
    The USA message isn't getting through.

    And as long as that is the case the Taliban
    will always have lots of volunteers,

    The Taliban and al Qaeda are ahead in the
    Info War, they are indigenous and completely
    understand the lines and methods of communication.
    And are effectively spinning USA motives and actions
    against the USA.

    The transition from war fighting
    to peace keeping won't / can't
    happen until the Info war is truned around.
    The Indigenous must "GET US" before
    the war fighting can end and the Peace
    keeping can start.

    Loosing the Info WAr:

    The USA Info War must shift to a new paradigm.

    Find the Michael Moore of Afpak, start with
    a set of facts everyone agrees to, and produce a
    movie in Pashtun, distribute all over Afpak.

    Start an Abbot and Costello as al Qweda
    FM radio show and broadcast it weekly all over
    Afpak in 3 or 4 indigenous languages.

    Info War will spread d be more effective
    if its GOOD entrainment.

    In Afpak the USA Info War doesn't even have to
    WIN the hearts and minds, just expose the
    lies of the Terrorist, and help them "GET"
    USA, motives, etc.

    That has the potential to cut down the
    Taliban volunteers and give attrition
    of leadership a chance to work.

    Some Info War oil will help the Transition
    slide into place.

    The Army and CIA need to coordinate their
    paradigms, Army counter insurgency in Afgha
    and the CIA counter terrorism in Paki.
    So they are working towards same goal.


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