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    Friday, November 13, 2009

    FBI. Agent Andrew Nambu, GENIUS

    MEHANNA jahiddie:

    FBI. Agent Andrew Nambu, GENIUS.
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    ( sub-title: Jahiddies, MEHANNA obsessed, with
    cleaning Binny's toilet??? G )

    I don't often use the word Genius when
    talking about the FBI, but this guy is really
    good. And so are JEFFREY AUERHAHN and
    Assistant U.S. Attorneys, Genius team.


    From Jawa Report:Boston Blogger Assisted al Qaeda in Iraq
    A document produced by the AG's office in support of keeping would-be jihadi Tarek "Abu Sabaya" Mehanna in jail pending trial is a treasure trove of information on how the fifth columnists among us think. Even more importantly, the tone of the lengthy paper give me hope that some in the federal government finally get the online jihad.


    In his "GOVERNMENT’S PROFFER AND MEMORANDUM IN SUPPORT OF DETENTION" he gives the blueprint for required evidence to take down
    an Internet Jahiddie perp.

    And it gives a remarkable inside view of the Jahiddies psyche and thought
    process, motivations and C2.

    In a dentention and bond hearing some hearsay is acceptable, its not a trial but a decision process for discovering if the perp is a threat or flight risk.

    And there in lies the insiders view, we are the fly on the wall.

    Excerpts from same.

    It would be error to see the actions of the defendant as
    only involving inchoate crimes of conspiracy -- or attempt (as
    evidenced by inter alia his trip to Yemen in 2004). As discussed
    herein and established by his own actions and words, the
    Defendant did in fact provide significant material support to al
    Qa’ida and other terrorist groups.

    “Material support” by providing translation services
    and distributing material intended to inspire others to
    participate in violent jihad.

    .............material support to al
    Qa’ida and other terrorist organizations by translating and
    distributing videos and text that were intended to inspire others
    to participate in jihad.

    Abu Mundhir then bragged that others had recognized their
    efforts on behalf of al Qa’ida (“aqs”), and that they were
    already recognized as al Qa’ida’s “English Wing”: Abu Mundhir:
    “were [sic: we’re] bait alrady [sic: already] aqs [al Qa’ida]
    english wing ... were [sic: we’re] known.

    ( Two or three punks translate propaganda to promote violent
    jihad and they get reconized as al Qaeda's "English wing" .
    Its a good example of how one guy puts up a flag and declares himself
    an army. Extreme propaganda, exaggerations, and delusions of grandeur.G )

    MEHANNA: dude ... 39 is done and PDF'd ... do u need
    to check it before it's released?
    Abu Mundhir: uhm no not really lol
    MEHANNA: ok .so Ibn U has the green light?
    Abu Mundhir: yeah

    Abu Mundhir: ok i showed ... one brother the cover ... he
    loved it ... he said it reminded him of ...
    like anarchist ... cook book18 ... or omein
    [sic] kempf19 ... lol

    ... we got our stuff pinned on big forums.” In addition to
    bragging about the impact they were having, the also expressed
    their reverence for al Qa’ida’s leaders:
    Abu Mundhir: take a look ... at those 2
    MEHANNA: ya u sent me those this morning
    Abu Mundhir: yeah its different ... though they pinned ...
    them now ... and people making duaa [tr.
    prayer] for us ... in the threads ... one guy
    MEHANNA: Sweetness
    Abu Mundhir: we are aqs [al Qa’idah] in raafidayn [Iraq]
    ... media wing21 ... hehe
    MEHANNA: man, I don't think ... we deserve that title
    Abu Mundhir: yeah
    MEHANNA: maybe ... if we are lucky ... we get to clean
    their toilets

    Abu Mundhir: lol ... yeah ... i was ... actually
    discussing ... this with a brother ...i was
    telling me i would be the happiest man in the
    world if ... the old man [Usama bin Laden]
    ... just let me hang around him ...and clean
    ... his toilet ... wallah

    MEHANNA: heh
    Abu Mundhir: love that guy
    MEHANNA: dude ... This morning ...while I was trying
    to stay awake in class ...I was thinking to
    myself ... imagine how, reporters
    from al-Jazirah [al Jazeera22] must have felt
    ... waiting for Hadrami [someone from an area
    of Yemen]23 to come out ... and start the
    interview ... like, thinking to themselves:
    "I am about to interview al-Hadrami."
    Abu Mundhir: haha
    MEHANNA: I'd like
    Abu Mundhir: yeah
    MEHANNA: wet my pants
    Abu Mundhir: lol ... akhee ... imagine ...the reporter
    ...who has to report ... from Z ... now that
    guy ... will wet his pants


    It goes on 75 pages, a great read.
    Assistant U.S. Attorneys nice work guys. G )

    The jahiddies act and feel like boy scouts working on a merit
    badge, while in actuality they are supporting al Qaeda
    and encouraging Muslims to kill women and children
    in bombings of Mosques and market places,
    promoting al Qaeda type jahid.

    While their effort was minimumal it reached

    Using the Internet to its maximum force multiplier

    The flip side is the ease in taking down these,
    wings and media battalions, which are in actuality
    just a few kids.

    Taking down a dozen or so of these guys
    would put a big crimp on the online
    jahiddie stuff, and discourage many of them.

    Be sure they are as serious threat as a bomber,
    as their actions recruit bombers,


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