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    Monday, November 09, 2009

    Cell phones to get 70 inch screen

    Cell phones to get 70 inch screen.

    Just ask for the Hi res plug,
    Buy the screen here,
    It's a set of glasses.....
    Beyond the cost and hidden charges.
    Beyond features you will never use and
    an instruction book bigger than the phone its self,
    beyond its nagging, and dead spots
    there is that damn tiny screen.

    I hate that most of all.
    I have to put on my reading glasses
    just to read it.

    And they want me to use it on the
    Internet. Major handi cap.
    Hard to read, tiny pics,
    low resolution.
    Watch a movie or vid on it?
    HA....its like listening to music
    with the sound so low you can hardly
    hear it.

    Now they have high resolution ear
    phones and a jack on the phone.

    Wouldn't it be great to have a
    70" screen on your cell phone?

    Imagine a cell phone screen bigger
    that your TV at home....

    They got it.....

    But YOU can't use it...

    It's a set of glasses, that
    lets you look at your cell
    phone screen like it was
    a 70 inch high resolution
    TV...."our award winning Head Mounted Display Image Monitors are used by the United States Navy, NASA (The National Aeronautics and Space Administration), as well as Medical Research Teams, Law Enforcement Agencies, Doctors, Dentists and Healthcare Professionals in the U.S. and abroad."

    But the cell phone companies
    only put in a 160 by 272 resolution

    Now if it was a 1026 by 768
    resolution jack, your cell phone
    screen will look like its an 70
    inch TV.


    Where is Darpa, our troops sure could
    use a 70" screen rather than the cell phone
    1 inch by 1 inch screen. ( ok so some of you
    have a 2 in. by 3 in screen, you still squint. )
    Think about looking at a map 1in.
    by 1 in. vs a 70 in TV.
    Cell phones to get 70 inch screen
    Geeze with the properly equipped cell
    phones our troops could be equipted
    with the 2030 communications gear the
    Pentagon and I dreams about.

    The cell phone is so close to being
    a computer in your pocket, but they
    could make it usable, fun to do.
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