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    Thursday, October 22, 2009

    Poor Iran, 8>

    Poor Iran, 8>
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    The Iranian regime is in deep trouble and
    trying to hold on by force and bribes.

    The recent bombing killing the top leaders
    of IRCG and Qods, Iranian CIA.
    Seems some of the IRCG was involved in the

    Abberjonny is blaming everyone for the bombing.

    Two or more of their Nuclear scientist
    have defected with all Iran's secrets.

    Millions of the Ummah were marching in
    the streets calling for Ayatollah Seyyed
    Ali Khamenei's death.

    In Iraq all the Iranian milatas Just rolled over
    in the face of Iraqi troops and are selling their
    weapons for cash.

    Taliban have had a purge going against Shia's
    in Paki. And Iran is supplying them with IEDs.
    I expect some of those IEDs will be used in Iran.

    And Iran's nuclear stock piles are contaminated
    And close to useless.
    Iran Epic nuke fail? (

    If Iran does get close to testing a nuke Israel
    will hit their nuclear supplies.
    They have a gasoline shortage and are rationing

    And their South American buddy has pledged to
    export gasoline to Iran but sadly they don't
    have the resources to fulfill the order.
    And the religious leaders are starting to wake up
    to the coup Abberjonny pulled off.

    And the Iranian Internet blockade was a total failure
    US citizens made sure the Internet stayed open
    for the Iranian people.
    The Iranian hackers working for the Regime
    are soosool boys.

    The Iranian economy is in shambles.
    And continues in a deep depression.

    The Iranian regime has failed on almost every

    The regime's time is limited, and they will screw
    themselves up. The Regime is headed for a
    bad fall, EPIC FAIL.

    USA doesn't even need to get involved.


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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Off topic:

    Drone strike got important AQ with U.S. links.

    7:41 AM  

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