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    Sunday, October 18, 2009

    Off subject, health safety net

    Off subject, health safety net
    ( disclosure, I supported Bush,
    now I'm ashamed of the Republicans, G )

    The food stamp program isn't socialism,
    its a safety net for the poor.

    Health for all Americans isn't
    socialism, its a safety net for the
    America is the only Industrialized
    nation without a health safety net.

    Where was the outrage over giving
    the Criminal banks 2.7 trillion dollars?
    Where are the angry Republicans
    fed up with the Mafia Banks?
    402% interest rates, 30% credit
    card vig? Legal cooked book keeping.
    And Banks a threat to the GWOT.

    banks threat to GWOT

    In the next election the Republicans
    will pay a heavy cost for not supporting
    American health care for all Americans.
    And being the stooges for the Insurance

    I am amazed they get away with the
    bald face lies, and the public gullibility
    buying into the Insurance Co.'s propaganda.
    In the middle of the deepest depression in
    history, it ain't over yet. And facing a new
    flu epidemic.

    Death panels, socialism, and amendments
    designed to kill health care for all Americans.
    Where is the patriotism.

    Insurance companys making historic record
    profits. And LEGAL bribes to congressmen around
    $1.5 million EACH, which buys their votes.

    And a Federal Reserve void of consumer protection

    Spending money for health care for all Americans
    is bad,
    Bailing out Criminal Banks to the tune of
    $2,700,000,000,000.00 is OK.

    Definitive signs of a corrupt system.



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