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    Thursday, October 29, 2009

    NW flight 188, truth, NOT

    F-16s 'Prepared' to Shoot Down
    Errant Northwest Flight ABC : NOT.

    They were on the runway, never took off.

    We still don't have the truth.
    To: b4its2late; Dr. Ursus
    Here are my major issues with this incident:

    When you pass the descent point for your destination the Airbus gives you a tone and CAS message along with VNAV bars on your display.

    When you pass your last fix in the FMS (their destination in this case) the Airbus autopilot goes into heading hold with a tone and multiple CAS messages your big NAV display.

    No way that physically alert pilots could miss those signals and tones. They are intentionally loud enough to wake a sleeping pilot......

    The FAA already thought about this scenario years ago.

    "You dont hear alarms, radio calls, and the banging on a cockpit door and Intercockpit Phone Calls!!!!"
    "BTW, they became aware of their plane's position only after a flight attendant asked about the landing time over the planes intercom, according to the NTSB."

    "The story makes it pretty clear they were using some form of an internet system on the laptop to access pilot flight records."

    Frankly I want to know why it’s okay for the pilots to do that when the passengers are forbidden to do so because “it could interfere with the plane’s communications.”


    They clearly had head phones on and couldn't hear any of this.
    And you don't need head phones to check scheduling, the pilots
    And isn't it some violation to use a PC on a plane?

    We still don't have the full story.



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    Anonymous Mike Licht said...

    Work scheduling software. Yeah. Sure.


    3:09 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I find it interesting that ATP rated pilots decided to not listen to a core required part of aviation - monitoring mandatory instruction while on and IFR flight in what it called positive controlled airspace. These pilots are flying a planed route, controlled by the FAA controllers - checking flight schedules, bull, they were sound asleep. While USNORTHCOM wasn't notified of the event until it was over - no one seems to every hold the FAA accountable.

    Bottom line, unprofessional and dangerous "professional" pilots who blasted through their airways and a FAA who never has to follow procedures. And we wonder why we have problems....

    2:13 PM  

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