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    Friday, July 10, 2009

    Taliban execute Swat tribal leader; GRAPHIC

    Video: Taliban execute Swat tribal leader:


    From our source inside the beltway.
    Why were they killed?

    Regarding Pir Samiullah: The title "Pir" indicates that he is a Barelvi muslim, believing in pirs, those historical figures in Islam that Christians would call saints, that some Christians pray to, for intercession with God. Barelvis believe Muhammad to be semi-divine and that Islam should be innovative and accept change.

    Barlevi's are opposed to the puritanical Deobandi and Wahhabi sects of radical Islamists and Jihadists and consider them kaffirs or unbelievers. So the religious hatred is historic and bitter and bloody, often as bad as the Shia-Sunni warfare. In the 1940s, the Barelvis supported the nation-state of Pakistan while the Deobandis wanted a united India that they could then more easily convert to Islam. When Pakistan was created as an Islamic state, most of the muslims moved there as muhajids, leaving few in India to prosyletize. Most Punjabis, including and especially the Paki Army are Barelvi.

    So it is a long-standing social and religious hatred, with separate mosques and segregated societies. Samiullah had widespread support in Swat and Dir and was raising a lashkar militia. Killing him and digging up his body served to terrorize the populace and and allow Fazlullah to take over as he did. However, the traditional and more present Barelvi peoples welcomed the Paki Army, fed them eyes-and-ears intel, and that is the real reason Fazlullah was defeated. The Paki Army does not have that advantage in Waziristan and will be much less successful without a sympathetic populace.

    15% of Paki Sunnis are Deobandi, but they run 64% of the madrassas. That is the makin's for most of the unrest in Pakistan beyond the Pakhtun's war-loving tribalism.






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