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    Thursday, July 09, 2009

    4th of July cyber attack PORTENDS

    4th of July cyber attack PORTENDS
    By Gerald Interent Anthropologist Think Tank

    By now you have heard about the cyber DOS attack on USA and S. Korea
    over the weekend.

    And we should look at the context with a view towards the future of the WWW.

    A 4th rate country N.Korea used old malware/worm to infect around 50,000 PCs.

    And developed a small bot farm and was to block a few government and civilian
    sites over the week end in both USA and in S Korea.

    Quite a feat for a 4th world country, and a relatively small bot farm
    using old worms.

    Now lets consider conflicker, 1,000 to 2,000 times larger.
    I could take down sites for weeks, could it take down sites
    for months?

    Could it take down the WWW?

    It certainly points to the problem and risks facing the WWW.

    There is a solution to the bots.
    It works and I haven't seen any indication of any knowledge
    of the solution on the net.

    USA should launch a DOS attack against N. Korea's
    network and take down both of their computers.




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