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    Sunday, July 12, 2009

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis in ERROR

    DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis in ERROR

    Military analysts: Afghanistan War is

    unwinnable – even with boosted

    coalition strength: SOURCE HERE.

    Afghan war is the closest it has ever been to victory.
    Paki Military has engaged the Taliban in Paki
    to the biggest extent they ever have.
    The flood of troops in Afghan
    and in the Taliban heart land setting up semi-permanent.
    posts will prevent the return of the Taliban.
    The Taliban are scared and have started an all
    out attack, mostly suicide and IED attacks.

    The use of predator attacks Paki military
    and the onslaught of US forces against
    the Taliban has brought very strong pressure
    against the Taliban.

    Taliban Cadre are mostly second and third
    tier, and fighting forces are mercenaries, amature
    guns for hire..
    This comprehensive paradigm will allow
    for Iraq type programs that allow the people
    to retake control of their own areas eventually, As local militaries are built up.

    The Taliban are under extreme military force pressure
    on all fronts, Air, drones; ground, in their home
    land, US troops; and external support systems,
    the Paki military forces in Pakistan.

    The Taliban are spread thinner than ever before.

    The forces of GOOD are closer to victory
    than ever before.

    The big risk lies with Iran, becoming a nuclear
    power, and assisting the Taliban undercover
    of their nuclear umbrella.
    Iran's regime must be stopped,
    Iran can have nukes, just not
    this regime of sucidal twelvers.




    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    New Osama statement to his brothers in Pakistan


    4:43 PM  

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