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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Iranian students defy and denounce Regime

    Larijani, speaker of Mullahs parliament was to take part in a debate amongst students.
    Similar to AmirKabir University which in 2006 displayed the student wrath in an act well remembered, this time in Shiraz University a courageous student named Mohsen Zarin Kamar, who took the platform, despite strict control and repression, and openly defied Larijani, the mullahs parliament and Ahmadinejad and the totality of the clerical regime.

    Sir you may be the speaker of Majilis
    But the issue is
    this Majilis is not legitimate
    for a lot of reasons namely
    extensive rigging
    And sir you are not legitimate!
    I want to break my silent agony
    here and now and announce that :

    There are three things I hate the most:
    First: Its Ahmadinejad
    The deception and demagogy
    I hate his ways and his looks
    I hate the Majilis which
    Is not in power on popular vote

    He is spending solitary confinement and is under torture along with 3 other activist ; Kazem Rezaii, Abdol Jalil Rezaii, Loghman Karimi.

    Ahmadinjead. Since his rein, no one can breathe, suppression is timidly high. Look at rising corruption and addiction. Sir, selling ones body to gain bread for family is not a political issue. You are incapable of solving these issues. What opposition are we talking about? It is a laughing stock to claim that state controlled dailies Kayhan and Reslat are supposed to be opposition papers when only a slight critism by some one is equal to prison and disappearance! It is the paradox of our history

    This student was abducted after his intervention and his where about is unknown.

    UPDATE: 05.30.09
    From our source connected to Iranian resistance:
    " this moment this regime has lost all popularity and is hated and mistrusted by all people, even in the ill iterated sections such as the far fetched villages...people have released the truth about it: it is a religious tyranny which only is in power because of force and strict suppression. without this u can be sure people will not stand a day under this rule
    They have realised that it has been incapable of solving under-problems of the society they are not fooled like the western intellectuals that there might be a some  saviour from inside this regime in a tempered so called elections.LOL
    That's why the students give up their lives such as the one u see in the clip to deliver the truth about the elections...none of the candidates make a difference...and they don't believe in them...:





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