Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: Inside Pakistan's war zone - 28 May 09

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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    Inside Pakistan's war zone - 28 May 09

    Inside Pakistan's war zone - 28 May 09

    The Pakistani military has been undertaking a significant offensive on the Taliban in the Swat valley in recent weeks. Al Jazeera was the first member of the international media to enter Mingora, a locus of fighting and a city from which thousands of residents have fled the conflict. The army has taken control but has not permanently secured the region. Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports.


    Pakistan troops battle for Swat - 23 May 09

    From Paki forum:brilTek
    Talibans killed a muslim whose trouser was below his ankle, as i read in newspaper.  Until now we are only hearing about "modern" talibans. Now see these pics. These bastards have really shove their beard & shorten their hairs..... 

    Pakistani army solders escort a suspected Taliban militant as they are presented to journalists inside an army base in Mingora, the capital of troubled Swat valley....
    hooray for Pakistan 3 cheers.





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