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    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    General: We Might Nuke Those Cyber Attackers

    General: We Just Might Nuke Those Cyber Attackers


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    080815-F-5040-213How would the American military respond to an attack on its networks? If we take the commander of U.S. strategic forces at his word, they’d nuke those hackers, if need be.

    Speaking to reporters at a press breakfast last week, Gen. Kevin  Chilton, the head of U.S. Strategic Command, said the president retained the option to retaliate with military force in the event of a serious cyber attack against U.S. networks. Global  Security Newswire’s Elaine Grossmanhas the key quote:

    “I think you don’t take any response options off the table from an attack on the United States of America,” Chilton said. “Why would we constrain ourselves on how we respond?”

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    The US Government has been

    timid in its response to cyber attackers. They have no cyber weapons, that have been mentioned 


    There are options to deal with

    bot attacks from millions of zombie

    computers, but these methods have never been mentioned on the Net or the Press.

    The technology to turn off every bot attacking during an attack, millions of them even

    does exist.

    If a bot master were to use zombie computers in Texas for example the Military is not

    going to nuke Texas. The military options don't exist for a cyber attack, but there

    are other venues open to close them down, if desired.





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