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    Monday, May 11, 2009

    CIA drone paradigm limited in scope

    CIA drone paradigm limited in scope
    Bt Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Wired,Danger room has an excellent article
    on how the CIA drone paradigm is failing.

    The drone program is one of the most effective weapons
    USA has against the Taliban and al Qaeda.
    But it is a failure. The terrorist using an Info war
    is turning it against the USA.
    The taliban use children to behead, sucide bombers
    even as soliders.
    It is not beyond the pall to invision them using
    a grenade among the onlookers after action 
    to boost the civilian death count and blame the 
    USA drones.

    The CIA isn't using the drone footage in any
    info war efforts, not even releasing the footage
    to show they are NOT targeting civilians.

    If they let the drones linger they may even film
    the terrorist adding to the civilain body count
    AFTER the attack, tossing in a grenade.

    The CIA is in a good position to use the drone
    footage in an Info War against the Taliban. 
    The failure to engage the civilian in a Info
    War plays right into the terrorist hands.

    Why is there a major effort in the Info War
    lacking on many fronts?

    Why is the USA not engaging the hearts and 
    minds with the proof ?
    Confronting the Taliban lies?





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