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    Friday, May 29, 2009

    Cyber forces, authority

    Securing Our Digital Future
    Obama appoints Cyber Czar.

    Suggested Paradigms and
    Needed Cyber initiatives.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.

    #1) Awards for cyber security. A cyber DARPA.

    Like Government contracts for fighter Jets.
    The black hats are eating our lunch.
    $100 million award for a secure fire wall, anti-virus,
    anti-trojan and Rootkit program. Open competition.
    There is a lack of funding needed to get even
    one step ahead of bad guys on the Internet.

    #2) Change in Laws for customer monitoring credit.

    Experian suit against life lock demonstrates the faulty paradigm
    allowing ID hacking. Currently the Big three only allow customers 90 day
    monitoring of of their accounts, IF THEY HAVE A THREAT PENDING.
    The big three credit bureaus do not allow 365 day, email notice of
    credit changes and usages. The big three have it in their power
    to almost eliminate ID theft, and do virtually nothing to protect customers.

    #3) Creation of a Military Cyber Battalion. Offensive force.

    There is virtually no risk to attacking American networks.
    Create a cyber force with the ability to take attacking PC and
    networks OFF LINE, best defense is a good offense. Establixh "rules of engagement"

    #4) Defense structure for Internet Nodes.

    The WWW is at risk of a cyber Pearl Harbor.

    #5) International Cyber Police.

    A force to pursue cyber crooks anywhere in the world.
    This will involve treaty's.

    #6) Change in MS security policy:
    Allowing patching
    illegal OS. And law allowing them to shut down
    illegal OS's.Thru Cyber Police.
    MS current policys block security updates for
    illegal OS giving BOT farms a place to grow.
    Unpatched OS.

    #7) ISP check and enforce minimal security on
    customers or cut off www access.

    Again a favorite home of bots, unprotected

    #8) Valadation system for for security vendors and programs.

    The number of fake Security Programs/sites is huge, 300 to 400,
    the public can't tell which are safe.

    #9 method to change Social Security Number
    once the cyber criminals get it. To protect ID
    theft victims from continual theft over the rest of their
    lives. Once they have the SS# they have the keys to
    the victims credit.

    These would be a very good start to securing
    the WWW.

    Looking to protect American networks is short
    sighted. The entire WWW needs protection.
    If the WWW comes down the protected American
    networks are usless.

    Lets see what they do?


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst

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