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    Sunday, May 10, 2009

    Cyber Company on patrol

    Cyber Company on patrol
    By Gerald Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    May, I was cruising with full Cyber Company on
    maneuvers, 4 Recon squads,  BSU's, G2,
    XXXX liaison and over watch, Armed. Encrypted IM, 
    white boards, VOIP, ping trackers and recorders.

    The recon company started crawling preprogrammed
    sites, collecting data, reporting finds and investigated a link 
    on a site that soon lead to several terror cells.
    Put second cyber company on Stand by status.
    The rest of the company was dispatched 
    to search the rest of the forum
    BSU's were activated.

    We called in a small cyber language squad.
    To do final check.

    URL's Collected, forum Copied, 7 gigs and photographed site leads .
    And reported same to G2.

    G2 has deployed more BSU's, moles
    and assigned human investigators
    to follow leads and deploy remote packet sniffers.
    Map cells and members, cross reference names,
    Turned into Analyst teams.
    Started Paradigm Engine crunching data.
    Data streams started.
    Cross checking data, working up second sources.
    Deploy more BSU's as needed.
    Story Pending OPSEC and Intel clearance.

    Internet Anthropologist




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