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    Friday, February 27, 2009

    US Military blinds self to OSINT

    US Military blinds self to OSINT
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    I don't think this was their intention.
    The Military is functioning with an old Internet Paradigm.
    And is a great example of the "Law of unintended Conquences".

    Because of the 'drive by' SLQ injections they have banned
    Blogs from their networks PC's.

    Goggle search results were LOADED with SLQ injections,
    for awhile, as many as 9 atempts on one page.

    But recently they have managed to shake them,
    now there are occasionaly one or two atempts.

    So why block blogs
    Blocking Blogs reduces the threat by 1 or 2 %.
    And reduces their troops OSINT knowledge by
    30 to 50%.

    "Posted by: ISP with a clue... | Feb 19, 2009 5:46:05 AM

    I live in mainland China and I can't access most of those sites either. Hmmm..."

    Internet Anthropologist Think Tank: The Truth

    They are relyng on the mass news media....?

    They have linited their troops to only mass media..

    It sounds like the infection excuse is cover for some

    propaganda that some of the troops must have swallowed.

    Well if the USA troops need protection from the enemys

    propaganda that would be strong evidence for the failure

    of US Info War. The US Info War didn't seem to have an 

    impact on those troops.

    So that leves US with the Question of how effective 

    the terrorist Info War of Propaganda really is.

    And how effective they are at recruitting.

    Why is the USA not winning the warfor the hearts and

    minds and the terrorist are.

    AFNOC has imposed bans on all sites with "blog" in their URLs, thus cutting off any sites hosted by Blogspot. Other blogs, and sites in general, are blocked based on content reviews performed at the base, command and AFNOC level ...

    The idea isn't to keep airmen in the dark -- they can still access news sources that are "primary, official-use sources," said Maj. Henry Schott, A5 for Air Force Network Operations. "Basically ... if it's a place like The New York Times, an established, reputable media outlet, then it's fairly cut and dry that that's a good source, an authorized source," he said ...

    AFNOC blocks sites by using Blue Coat software, which categorizes sites based on their content and allows users to block sub-categories as they choose.

    "Often, we block first and then review exceptions," said Tech. Sgt. Christopher DeWitt, a Cyber Command spokesman.


    In blinding the Troops from the OSINT they

    think they are blinding them form the propaganda

    also,  What does that say about the US Info War?


    Internet Anthropologist




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