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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Stormworm bot net

    What if security researchers were able to disrupt the leftovers of the Storm Worm botnet thanks to a flaw in its communication model allowing them to redirect infected hosts and eventually disinfect them, but fearing legal action have their hands tied?

    At the 25th Chaos Communication Congress, which took place in December, 2008, German researchers Georg Wicherski,Tillmann WernerFelix Leder and Mark Schlösser, held a presentation (Stormfucker: Owning the Storm Botnet) demonstration their idea.  The apparently working concept has a single flaw by itself - it operates in exactly the same fashion that a botnet master does when issuing updated malware binaries to the infected hosts, thereby violating computer abuse laws internationally.

    Go through a Q&A with the researchers offering insights on the potential for distributed disinfection, and Storm Worm in general.


    “white worms” We have alluded tp these as one method of turning Bot nets

    off, and defending the WWW.

    We have seen a concept demo, 20 million bots.

    The potenital to take down the WWW.

    There are other methods also to defend against Bot nets.

    Give them a letter of Marque, and have a go at them.


    Tactical Internet Systems analyst



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