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    Thursday, February 19, 2009

    Terrorist site

    Terrorist site, Jahiddie site:

    With huge forum.

    There is a Great discussion on 
    the balance of security and number of members.
    "The issue has become restricted to members only"
    Then Google search engine can't read the site to help distribute
    jahid info.
    Leaving the site open, no registration, 
    "This is the only way successful "
    "When closed-ended in disaster"
    And how linking to other Jahidie forums helps membership.
    And how each time they are shut down they loose members.
    " the matter is that the supporters had gone 
    and will never come back no one can be 

    And how they vet new members:
    In short, I mean all these "secrets" available to any foreign man named in a foreign country 
    As long as he has an email in the newspaper or Arab or foreign television channel will enter the forum 

    Currently, archaeological Jamie Valehi a forum to disseminate the washing portal Alock only.
     وحالياً يوجد الأثري وهو منتدى جامي فالحي هدفه نشر غسيل المدخلي الوصخ فقط.

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