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    Wednesday, February 18, 2009

    Ops and Intel up date: 1.18.09

    Mubarak Acting For Arab Reconciliation, Hobbling Iran

    In advance of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's planned visit to Bahrain tomorrow, Egyptian sources stated that the aim of Mubarak's recent moves is to strengthen Arab reconciliation following the Gaza crisis.

    The crisis, they said, revealed a deep schism between the sides in the Arab world, and pointed up the need to restrain Iran's involvement in it.

    Source: Al-Hayat, London, February 17, 2009Posted at: 2009-02-17



    Iranian Website: Saudi Arabia Stirring Up Ahwaz Province Residents

    Following a Saudi TV broadcast of a story on ethnic cleansing by Iran in the Iranian Arab province of Ahwaz, the Iranian website Ayandenews is accusing Saudi Arabia of fomenting dissent among residents of the province, because of Saudi disappointment at the relative quiet prevailing in the area in recent years.

    The Saudi TV story claimed that the Iranian regime was carrying out arrests and murders, and conducting a cultural boycott against the Ahwaz residents, as well as preventing the province from benefiting from its oil revenues.

    Ahwas provides 80% of Iran's oil.

    Source: Ayandenews, Iran, February 14, 2009 Posted at: 2009-02-17



    Analysis: Pakistan peace agreement cedes ground to the Taliban

    February 18, 2009 12:08 PM ET 
    By Bill Roggio

    Pakistan's senior leaders have endorsed the peace agreement that imposes sharia on a large area of the northwest and ends military operations in Swat. The Taliban will use this agreement to further consolidate its control. 



    Pakistan Partners With U.S. on Killer Drone Strikes

    By Noah Shachtman

    Pakistani officials aren't just allowing U.S. killer drones to take off from their airfields, and attack militants within their country. American and Pakistani intelligence services are closely cooperating on the unmanned aircraft strikes -- even as Islamabad politicians condemn the attacks in public.

    Previous reports described the arrangement between Washington and Islamabad on the robotic attacks as a kind of "don't ask, don't tell" policy. According to today's Wall Street Journal, however, the arrangement is better described as hand-in-glove. "These operations are helping both sides. We are partners on this," one Pakistani official tells the paper.



    Traveling Into Taliban Territory

    60 Minutes Producer Draggan Mihailovich Recalls Covering Pakistan's War Against The Taliban And Al Qaeda

    Great story and vids: G



    NATO Objects to Pakistan Truce With Taliban - New York Times






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