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    Tuesday, February 17, 2009

    Paki's fighting info war on line

    Paki's fighting info war on line
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    This from a Paki forum:

    Why should this be a surprise to anyone. The fact of the matter is no matter who is in power, Pakistan was going to let the americans bomb these people. Why should the elected government protect these people when its these same people who dont recognize the writ of the government and are actively working to overthrow it, who just yesterday carried out the assassination of an ANP lawmaker. I say let the Americans bomb these cavemen. Less work for the PAF.

    LOL prehaps you havnt lost a loved one that your making such a comment. They are pakistanis and have every right to fight Government Writ if we allow some foreign country come and bomb and kill children and women and our citizen. We chose to be part of this WoT and than we are complaining that our own people are turning against us. Go ask the father of those kids that were killed by these bombs? i guess he will give you a fine answer.

    First of all y does USA need to be here? second of all who are the target of all this? for sure not TTP.

    i was speaking to some pathan freinds the other day and they said the same thing!

    they said that Pakistan uses predator to attack them and thats why local population will continue to fight goverment because Pakistan goverment wouldnt ever allow such attacks in punjabi or sindh but allow in NWFP because pathans are considered 2nd class i was shocked!

    Whoa! Lets get one thing straight here....Abu Laith Al-Libi the Al-Qaeda leader they killed in NWFP via these strikes early this month isn't a Pakistani. Neither is Usama Al-Kini nor Sheikh Ahmed Salim Swedan (the guys who planned and carried out the Marriot Bomb blast last year) who they killed in January using the drones. These are people who openly call for the downfall of the Pakistani government and kill Pakistani civilians. Anyone who supports these freaks have shown that they dont give a rats ass about Pakistan. Your telling me its ok for these people to let these foreigners come in and kill Pakistanis? We're just giving them a taste of their own medicine. 

    We chose to be part of the war on terror because it was high time that we finally took some action against these people. They were willing to risk the integrity of Pakistan for the sake of their perverted views on Islam and hence they deserve no sympathy. 

    Don't talk to me about dying civilians, when you're completely ignoring the thousands killed by these cavemen every year....this includes our own Pakistani civilians and our own Pakistani soldiers. SWAT the most beautiful part of the country is now a ##### thanks to these people. Just watch the videos on how they use young children to cut the head off a Pakistani soldier and then come to me and whine about justifying their right to fight against Pakistan.


    This is the result of a failed Info war on the part of USA.
    This is a great example of
    how the truth defeats their
    USA has to start answering
    their propaganda, item by item, whever it appears.
    They believe USA is still funding the Taliban, and that USA is against the Moslems.
    They are getting only one side, and most of it is propaganda.





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