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    Sunday, February 15, 2009

    Nonsense and nore Nonsense

    Nonsense, and more Nonsense
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank

    Pakistan's failed paradigm of capitulation is going cause
    them to lose the country to the Taliban.

    And they know it.
    "We are aware of the fact [the Taleban are] trying to take over the state of Pakistan," he said. "So, we're fighting for the survival of Pakistan. We're not fighting for the survival of anybody else." He also said the Taleban had extended its presence from the tribal areas to Pakistan's larger cities.

    The Paki Government has lost many battles with the Taliban,
    Even a video with their Tanks in retreat, yet they refuse help form USA to defeat the Taliban
    and their shadow army. A man dying, knowing he is dying and still refusing help.
    Not much left to do except let him die. He has soverign rights to choose to die, ie the Paki Government.

    So what do they do? Capitulate.

    The Pakistani government has negotiated an agreement with the Taliban in the war-torn district of Swat to end the fighting in exchange for the implementation of sharia, or Islamic law in a large region of the Northwest Frontier Province.

    Negotiations on the five-point agreement have been conducted between the government of the insurgency-infested Northwest Frontier Province and Sufi Mohammed, the spiritual leader of the Movement for the Implementation of Mohammad's Sharia Law, and Mullah Fazlullah, the leader of the Swat Taliban and Sufi's son-in-law.

    The TNSM also holds sway in other war zones in Pakistan's northwest. Faqir Mohammed is the leader of the TNSM in the Bajaur tribal agency. The military has failed to defeat Faqir's forces despite waging a brutal military operation that began in July 2008. Bajaur is a stronghold for the TNSM and serves as a major hub for al Qaeda and Taliban operations in eastern Afghanistan. The joint al Qaeda and Taliban Shadow Army has conducted operations alongside Faqir and Fazlullah's forces in Bajaur and Swat.

    The peace agreement will ease the pressure on the Taliban in Bajaur, provide a safe haven neighboring areas, and allow the Taliban and allied extremist to concentrate forces in the tribal agency.

    ( google formatting screwing up, sorry about the black text, G )


    That is the seventh peace treaty they have signed with the Taliban.

    Paki just gave them a safe haven to operate out of.

    Almost everytime they have the Taliban in their sights they let them go.


    Sunday, February 15, 2009
    By By Salis bin Perwaiz

    The Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Sindh, have busted a network of local Taliban belonging to the Baituallh Mehsud group, who were involved in Sohrab Goth encounter in which two police personnel were killed, while nine others, including an intelligence officer, were injured.

    The suspects had taken active part in the post-9/11 Afghan war, besides killing Army and Frontier Constabulary personnel in the tribal areas and stealing NATO supplies.

    At a press conference on Saturday at the Central Police Office, Capital City Police Officer (Karachi) Waseem Ahmed said that the Karachi police with the help of intelligence agencies busted the Mehsud’s network and arrested six activists involved in kidnapping for ransom and major robberies in the city.


    Pakistan urges US to end air strikes

    Advani calls for probing ISI role in Mumbai attacks

    Paki Army lacks the will IATT

    We are starting a pool on when the Paki government will let them go.
    Post your guesses in comments.

    We are coming to the conclusion that the Paki Government is not serious about
    defeating the Taliban.

    Maybe we should let the Taliban take over Paki then
    attack the Taliban Government, an fixed entrenched enemy is easier to defeat.

    Waiting for the Paki government is a failed paradigm.

    The Paki's have forgot that 911 was plotted from Paki
    and US won't quit till they take out the Paki guests,
    the al Qaeda.

    Paki's understand revenge, and until al Qaeda is taken out
    USA will continue to attack al Qaeda and those who harbor
    al Qaeda.

    Want USA out give USA the al Qaeda leadership, and
    USA will loose interest.



    CNN has a story on the situation in Swat, the Taliban-controlled region in Pakistan's northwest outside of the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan. Hina Khan, a 14-year-old Pakistani girl, talks about how the Taliban are in control of the region and are expanding thier influence:

    "Right now, [Swat Valley] is under the control of the Taliban," she said. "They are knocking on the doors of Peshawar, and I have no doubt they will be knocking on the doors of Islamabad [if] the government continues the complacency they are showing right now."

    But Major General Athar Abbas, the spokesman for Pakistan's military, disagrees:

    "There is success," Abbas said of operations against anti-government forces in the tribal areas near the border with Afghanistan. "The success rate of the army's operation is pretty good in these areas."

    I've been closely following the situation in Pakistan's northwest for five years now. And sadly, I have to take the word of a 14-year-old Pakistani girl over the word of a senior Pakistani military officer. Here's why: Pakistan's military leadership has been outright untruthful to the media multiple times in the past on events in the northwest. In two of the more blatant instances, Major General Abbas had to backtrack on his falsehoods.

    In August 2007, Baitullah Mehsud's Taliban forces in South Waziristan captured an entire company of about 300 Pakistani regular Army troops as they were patrolling through the tribal agency. Abbas denied this and initially claimed the troops were merely sheltering in a valley due to bad weather after losing communications, but it was later confirmed that a company-sized unit driving in 17 vehicles was captured by Mehsud's forces. After backtracking, the military claimed about 110 troops were captured. But after the Taliban displayed the soldiers to a BBC television crew, it was confirmed 300 troops were captured.

    In another incident in January 2008, the Taliban overran the Saklatoi Fort in South Waziristan, but the military emphatically denied the reports. "Absolutely baseless and I reject this report," Abbas said at the time. "I want to clarify that the Pakistan Army and the Frontier Corps personnel are still present in the fort." Two days later, Abbas briefed the media on the military's successful operation to retake the Saklatoi Fort.

    Hopefully, senior U.S. and NATO military commanders in Afghanistan and Western diplomats will begin taking what the Pakistanis are saying with a bag of salt.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    def will let them go with in 30 days.


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