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    Thursday, January 01, 2009

    Major Internet POWER shift in the paradigm

    Major Internet POWER shift in the paradigm
    By Gerald: Internet Anthropologist Think Tank
    Jan 1, 2009

    Major Internet POWER shift in the paradigm.
    In the last quarter of 2008 we observed several
    major power shifts in the Internet Paradigm.

    Some huge context shifts occurred unnoticed
    by the Press.

    The terrorist lost 1,200 websites.
    According to Google estimates that is
    the loss of around 14,000,000 pages
    in the Terrorist information war.
    ( thats 14 million pages, gone )
    And many webmasters have gone missing.

    And the terrorist have suffered many other
    set backs in the Info war on the net.
    Youtube is starting to kill terrorist videos,
    and Facebook responded quickly.

    On the other side the worlds Info war is
    kicking in as the WWW matures.

    The attack on India left traditional news
    sources lost in the fog of war.

    While Indian civilians were pumping videos
    and pics on to the Internet near real time.
    Not by force of arms but by force of information.

    They had excel sheets up on wounded and dead
    even which hospitals.

    And real time feeds thru twitter.

    The Israelis last war in Lebanon, they suffered
    little physical damage and realitively few casualties.
    And the other side had billions of dollars in damages.

    And Israel was viewed on the street to have lost the war.
    Which inspired the Insurgents.

    This time Israel has a full blown info war, on their web site
    and youtube.

    They seem to be the first to recognize one can win the real
    war and loose the info war and appear to be weak and losing.
    USA still has not fully grasped the concept.

    Which encourages the insurgents.

    This effort however has thrust Google's Youtube into
    the "Power" light. As their power in the Info war is revealed
    by their banning some of the Israeli videos.

    Youtube has become a major player in the Info Wars.
    By determining what gets seen and heard.

    Googles paradigm for censoring videos is lacking.
    Leaving it to the users has proven to be a faulty
    paradigm so far.

    Youtube has reinstated some of the Israeli
    vids after the Jahiddies got them knocked off.

    The Internet terrain continues to shift and change.
    We have turned a corner, the power of the Internet
    is starting to work against the terrorist.

    Internet Anthropologist




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