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    Tuesday, December 16, 2008

    Paradigm Intel on the US Senate

    Let me review:

    Gov, Senate and Congressmen OKed 
    $700 billion to Banks, the major underwriters
    of the sub-prime corruption.
    Without a Banking czar, no control or over sight.
    And the Federal Reserve gave out another 2 Trillion dollars.
    Just handed it over to criminal banking corps.
    charging usury interest rates that the Mafia
    got sent to prision for.
    And Banks lobbiest got bankruptcy laws
    changed so they can persue their victims
    to the grave for the 33% vig.

    Now the auto companies they use as
    a whipping boy.
    Like they are at fault for the current 
    Senate want a Auto Czar, business plans,
    guarantees, while the ones that caused a 
    world wide depression Banking corps.
    just get rewarded with no strings attached.

    One even thew a $400,000 party in celebration.

    Now what lobbiest are having their way with which Senators
    to try and cripple the US auto indrustry?

    Looks like the Senators with big Japaneese
    auto plants in their states, 
    we found the WHORES in the Senate.




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