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    Friday, October 24, 2008

    Terrorist making in roads in criminal connections

    Terrorist making in roads in criminal connections.
    By Gerald; Internet Anthropologist Think Tank.
    Oct 24, 08

    We have said before the terrorism and criminal pardigms
    are are on the same vector. This will result in criminal 
    gangs being targeted by the GWOT and a boost in 
    terrorist capabilities.
    Using terrorist as hit men, and criminals for money 
    laundering, and Internet Sanctuary.

    There is a suggestion of a cross link between RBN and Hammas.

    Just how greedy is the Russian Intelligence service FBS?
    And how much control do they have over RBN? G.

    "But just as quickly, Amir Mizroch notes, the Israeli Intelligence & Terrorism Information Center (ITIC) released asecond report on AqsaTube -- highlighting a video "praising deceased Chechen terrorist Kuttab. Now that revelation may have... caused some consternation at the Moscow-based 2X4, as Kuttab was one of the main figures behind the Chechen fighting against Russian soldiers," Mizroch observes."
    SOURCE: Permalink 

    This is the clearest publicly-available case that shows how organized criminal groups and terrorist organizations are broadening and strengthening their links. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), responsible for several significant busts recently, led this one too.

    The operation has been underway for several years, and has yielded a trove of information on Hezbollah's ties to the Lebanesediaspora in Latin America, and the money ring that stretches through Venezuela, Panama, Guatemala, Hong Kong, the United States, Europe and Lebanon. The size of the network, the ability to function across religious and ethnic lines, and ability of all groups to profit from the criminal enterprise should give one pause.

    The profits from the sales of drugs went to finance Hezbollah," said Gladys Sanchez, lead investigator for the special prosecutor's office in Bogota, in an interview. "This is an example of how narco-trafficking is a theme of interest to all criminal organizations, the FARC, the paramilitaries and terrorists."

    Ms. Sanchez is exactly right. My full blog is here.


    It will be interesting to see what action the FBS takes against Internet Services company, for promoting Russian terrorist attacking Russian troops.

    I have seen a video showing the murder/beheading of Russian Army recruits, slow beheading

    the sounds of the victims trying to breathe thru slit throats was most disturbing.

    The Russian terrorist are much more violent and vile than the al Qaeda counter parts.







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