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    Saturday, October 11, 2008

    should the Mujahideen use a nuke?

    From a Jahiddie forum, our associate Bill, was banned from:

    Question is should the Mujahideen use a nuke? ( al Qaeda is researching nukes )

    This is one interesting answer:

    Well for one, I think that the Mujahideen can't stop fighting just because of what "might" happen, even if the two Holy Mosques might get bombed. Muslims can't be to blame for such an event, unless they were the ones doing the bombings directly.

    Yes, if the Mujahideen used a nuke it would push the world further into war. This would only allow for the Jihad to expand. But I'm not convinced that if the Mujahideen set off a nuke in an American city America would retaliate by using a nuke against a Muslim country. If they did, China, Russia, or even North Korea, or better yet - even Pakistan might nuke America back. I have no doubt that greedy Pakistani leaders would nuke America if they were faced with their own annhilation.

    But perhaps if they thought they would get nuked back, the Mujahideen would have to reconsider the plan. However, the Jihad cannot stop at an extent just because an action might drive the middle east into even further chaos. While our lands lack Shar'iah, it should be all or nothing. Plus, hitting the right targets in America or elsewhere could cause the complete collapse of the American government or even the entire United Nations. Maybe the Mujahideen would have a plan to basically nuke/bomb a few sites, cause a disintegration of authority, and then begin a huge insurgency in the West?



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